Text: Music and Sex by Liz BlackX

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay 

As a lover of both music and sex, you’d think this would be an easy piece to write.
Nope. Not at all, actually.
The thing is, my husband and I don’t play music while having sex. This is partly because I don’t want strong associations with a particular song while I’m subbing, and partly because we don’t think about playing music before we start. Only when we know the neighbours are at home and close by, then we’ll play music to cover any sounds we might produce.
There are a couple of songs that I have sexual associations with, starting with the German band Oomph!

Brich Aus – Oomph!

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a weird song to choose for a list of songs with sexual associations. The song is about a very sick, possibly dying person. The singer wishes for the other one to break out of it, to wake up so that they’ll have some more time to spend together. The lyrics are quite heart-breaking.
Before you get any ideas, I don’t get aroused by sick people. The lyrics are very touching, and I feel for the singer, but that’s not the reason why this song is on my list. It’s how the singer – Dero – sings the first lines. His voice, his broken voice, makes me melt every time. It’s the sort of sound that gives me goosebumps, that makes me want to crawl inside of him.
It’s probably the emotionality of the text that makes it so intense. The first lines just get me every time.

Bestrafe mich – Rammstein


We’ll stay in the realm of German metal a little longer with Rammstein. Yes, I know it’s a cliche. Just watch any scene on television with BDSM in it, and you’ll hear this song or at least a song by this band. But I do have a sexual memory of this song.
My first D/s partner had just bought the DVD ‘Live aus Berlin’ from 1999. This event occurred in 2000 or 2001.
My actual memory is somewhat fuzzy, but I do remember lying on a mattress on the floor, in his living room, possibly bound, while we are listening to this DVD. At that time, I wasn’t into metal music at all, and I remember him saying: ‘I’ll stop playing the DVD now, I don’t wanna bore you too much.” And I remember being disappointed. Without having been exposed to this style before, I liked it.
To this day, I listen to Rammstein, and I’ve seen them live twice. I love how they approach sex and how they incorporate BDSM into their music and their performances.

Nasty Naughty Boy – Christina Aguilera

This is the only song in the whole wide world that makes me feel sexy.
I love singing this song, while alone, and seducing the heck out of my phantom lover. I’ll sway my hips, shake my ass, and jiggle my boobs. I can’t perform it for my husband, somehow I don’t dare to. Something with trust and confidence, I guess.
I love the lyrics of this song, how it alludes to giving a blowjob, and even a spanking.
The live performance of this song makes it even better with a guy from the audience bound to a structure on stage. He’s the perfect prop. Yes, Christina Aguilera definitely objectifies the man in this setting, and I love it. I saw the show in 2006, so long before the current gender-discussions. I love how the female artist approaches sexuality and how she embraces her own sexiness. And this song is the epitome of that sexy attitude.


This is about it in regards to my connection between sex and music. Somehow I just don’t connect these things together. I love music, and I love sex, just not the combination of both.
Unless you count the time, I fall in love with a rockstar. But even then it’s more about the image of the person and not necessarily the music he makes. It’s not the music that turns me on.
Strange how these things are separate concepts to me. I’ll work with what I got.

??Nasty Naughty Boy??