So, last year I promised you a follow-up post on April 30th 2021. This was half in jest since I know how easily and quickly I give up on projects, but lo and behold, I’m still here. And my blog and I are doing well 🙂

Sex Toy Reviews

Everything I mentioned last year, I’ve expanded upon. I still get approached by companies to do reviews for them. This is something I love to do, so I’m happy with the opportunity. Actually, I need to start thinking about categorising and storing the toys I’m reviewing because this is getting out of hand. But that’s a good problem to have.

Affiliate Sales

As I mentioned last year, I’m still making affiliate sales and have garnered a few. Not the ‘quit-your-day job’-kind, but that too is a nice addition. I’m now also in a place where I can charge a small fee for the reviews. It feels good to be appreciated for my work.

Erotic Fiction Deluxe

Regarding fiction, there have been loads of developments. I’ve started my meme ‘Erotic Fiction Deluxe‘, and I’ve taken over ‘The Oral Sex Project.’ The latter one isn’t focused on fiction, but it’s a fun project with loads of exciting and valuable posts for everyone.
I’ve written quite a few stories in the past couple of months. It’s a continual struggle and source of stress, but I’m getting a lot of feedback, and people seem to enjoy my stories.

Tantalising Tales

I’ve joined May More‘s project ‘Tantalising Tales,’ which is a magazine on I felt so honoured when May asked me if I would be one of the writers for this magazine. Part of me still can’t really believe it has happened. It brings my fiction to a new audience, and there too, people seem to like it. It also brings in a little money each month. Again, not ‘quit-your-day job-‘ money, but every little bit is welcome.

I’m A Writer

My confidence in my writing has grown in the past year. With all the efforts combined, I feel more like I’m a true writer. I’m beginning to believe this is something I could continue to do, even if life throws hardships my way.


Like last year, I want to thank May More for her continual support and friendship. I also want to thank the other people in the community I’ve interacted with in the past year. Thanks to Posy Churchgate for editing my stories on Medium and removing all my quirky Dutchisms. Thanks to Marie for supporting me with my meme. Thanks to everyone who contributed to Erotic Fiction Deluxe and The Oral Sex Project. Every post feels like a small gift.

Masturbation May

So yeah, I’m still here. I have a busy month of May coming up for the month of Masturbation. I have several toys waiting to be reviewed. I’ll continue my regular blogging, too, also with my own half-meme Friday Frolics and the weekly Song Lyric Sunday. I’m enjoying my blogging life, and I hope to see you on April 30th 2022.


  1. When I saw the title, I thought… huh, didn’t Liz celebrate her blogiversary only the other day. I can’t believe a year has passed already, and what a year it’s been. Happy blogiversary, Liz, and on to three years you go 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Thanks, Marie ☺️
      I needed to check my previous post too for the exact date, cause indeed it has been quite a year 😅

  2. Years fly by! and I want to thank you also – for being an individual in all you do. This shines through your work and was one of the reasons I wanted you with us on Ttales. You have a unique voice Liz – something many people will never achieve…
    May xx

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