Liz BlackX' First Blogiversary!

On April 30th 2019, I published my first blog post. Technically, it wasn’t the first. I had written some short posts announcing my books before, and I’d written some way too personal blog posts also, posts I have since deleted. But last year, I decided it was time for a real blog. I lined out some general posts about BDSM and about my writing genres. And so it began.

Full-time Writer

In 2016 I quit my day job in retail, to become a full-time writer. I had no idea how to structure this plan. I sat down and tried to write. Without receiving any feedback, this was a harrowing endeavour. I procrastinated more and more, my inspiration dwindled, and I felt terrible.

Now What?

After my first few weeks of blogging, again I ran out of ideas. I looked online to see how others fixed this, that’s when I found memes. I looked into what they were and how I could connect to them. Soon, I wrote my first posts, and, lo and behold, got my first comments. People were reading my blog!


People not only read my blog but also seemed to enjoy what I wrote. I was astounded. How could this be, after all this time? Did I really have it in me to become a writer?
To top it all off, I found myself in Molly’s Sex Bloggers Top 100! Me, some beginning writer and sex blogger was suddenly one of the great names in the business. That’s at least how it felt to me. I was immensely proud since my blog is all me. I’ve designed it, all ideas are mine, and all writing is done by me. It was a huge boost of confidence.


Blogging has opened up many doors to me, many more than I could have imagined. I’ve been approached by companies to review products for them. I’ve now joined an affiliate network to try and make a little money that way. It’s not much, but a little goes a long way.

Story Time

One avenue that I hadn’t expected was the popularity of my fiction writings. Every short story I post on my website attracts lots of attention and many readers. The audience that I lacked before has finally found my work. This too was a boost to my confidence. Writing fiction is where my heart is, it’s what I like to do best. It’s also what’s most difficult for me, so I postpone it where I can. But in the end, I always come back to it.


This year, I’ve been searching where to go next. I’ll return to my more in-depth posts soon, cause I don’t like the superficial train I seem to be riding now. And yes, I’ll also go back to writing fiction. I just haven’t found the right story yet.
I hope to expand upon everything I’ve been doing so far. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve joined a career. It’s not an easy one, nor is it very lucrative, but it’s where my heart is. I love sex, I love writing, and my current path combines these two perfectly. And I’ve found the community that helps me to grow as a person.


In conclusion, I want to give big thanks to May More. This past year I’ve come to see her as a friend and a mentor. During many occasions, she has helped me and guided me in the right direction, or just listened to a rant when I needed to spout.


I want to extend my thanks to so many other people in the community too. I’m afraid that by naming people, I will leave out others and hurt them unnecessarily. I try to be positive and to not spread any negativity. If you’ve interacted with me here or on Twitter, please accept my thanks and know I care for you.

I’ll see you for the follow-up to this post on April 30th 2021!



  1. Oh my it has been a pleasure chatting and reading your blog. It is people like you who make my blogging experience worthwhile.
    I picked your blog in my top 24 of 2019 as u shoot from the hip and do not mess around with fluff. Long may you continue Liz
    May xx

  2. I always enjoy your blog entries Liz – as May says you speak frankly and it is refreshing. I’m so glad that blogging has given you confidence in your writing and your ‘voice’ – it’s done the same thing for me.

    Posy Churchgate
  3. Happy anniversary!! I think it’s so badass for you to quit your job and go for where your heart is. It’s certainly not easy to live as a full time writer but go you! Just this post alone, as your other posts, read so smoothly. I’m glad you’re using your talent as a writer to share it with us

  4. In the months I have been reading your blog I have become fond of it, and I sure look forward to you writing more fiction. I love your positive attitude, and look forward to read a lot more here. Congratulations on your first blogiversary.

    Rebel xox
    PS: And I agree, May is wonderful!

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