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“So, what are your plans for the weekend?”

She glanced quickly at him before returning her gaze to the floor. “I don’t know. Being a good girl, I guess.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Is that so? Anything in particular?”

“I’ll dress up nicely.”


“The pink dress. And I might, you know, go commando?”

He nodded. “That sounds like a good start. What else?”

“I’ll serve throughout the weekend, all food and drink as needed.”

“Naturally. Go on.”

She took a breath to gather strength. “I plan to give a blowjob.”

He made a face as if that was the weirdest thing he had ever heard. “A blowjob, you say?”

She cringed as she realised her mistake. “How many that is desired, of course. Morning, noon, night. Whenever.”

He nodded his approval. “That sounds better.”

When he didn’t speak, she continued. “I’ll do whatever service is required of me. Bondage, spankings…”

“What bondage?”

“It doesn’t matter. It can be a regular harness.” She quickly went on when she saw his frown. “Or a hogtie, a crotch rope.” It was as if she was filling a puzzle and was looking for the correct answer.

“Breast bondage?”

Instinctively she shielded her breasts. “Yes, that too.”

“Very well. Spankings, you said?”

She nodded decisively. “Yes, I will do spankings too. Belt, cane, flogger. It really doesn’t matter.”

“Single tail, bullwhip?” he completed the list.

She visibly cringed. “Yes, those too,” she replied in a softer tone.

“And where can you be whipped?”

She shrugged. “My butt, I guess. Maybe my back.”

“Your titties? Your wet pussy?”

She swallowed and nodded.

“What was that?”

“Yes, there too.”

“And fucking? Is that all right?”

She nodded vigorously. “Yes, naturally. Missionary, doggy style, it’s all fine by me.”


When the term sank in, she gave a short shake of her head.

“What is your answer?”

“No, no anal.”

“That’s too bad. You’ll have to work on that, dear. Then we have everything covered. Is there anything else I need to know?”

“No, this is it.”

“Good. I’m gonna stop the recording now. The footage will be added to your file, so the lucky winner, tonight at the auction, will have access to the information. I suggest you go and make yourself presentable. If you want to raise money for the dolphins in the Amazone river, you will have to try harder than this.”

He looked her up and down with a look of disdain.

“So go off, change and add some make-up. Here’s your number, lucky number eight. Make sure to wear it visibly. Go ahead and mingle with the public. Smile, flirt. This evening is about raising the stakes and winning a high bid on the auction. And take my advice, work on that anal training. It will up your chances considerably.”

“I will. Thank you.”

She returned to the changing room, nerves fluttering in her stomach. This evening she was going to be auctioned. This weekend she was going to be used.


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