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Picture from - Edited by Liz BlackX
Picture from – Edited by Liz BlackX
Enania needs her Identification Pod back and wants revenge on those who hurt her. Can she make it happen?

Brapax tried to adjust to his new planet and their customs. During his first visit he was nearly successful. Much to his surprise, his human shows him ‘BDSM.’ Together they discover the benefits. Brapax takes on the challenge and discovers primal sex. Brapax invites his brother Brayhr to join in on the fun. BDSM is still forbidden on planet Earth, so when they find out Enania is convicted, this includes Brapax and all his family members. Brapax’s half-brother Bralar shows up. He’s not amused at the restrictions he now suffers, but together with Brayhr they have fun together. Bralar is intent on getting revenge on the human girl and enlists help of his alien lover Quorta.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Enania asked Brapax.

“Of course. Aicahn promise. Source says is good.”

Enania sighed. After all the preparations of the past two days, it had better work. “I need one last hug before I go, Paxy.”

He opened his arms wide and pulled her into them. “Tonight, I give you hug cuddle. Promise.”

“I think I’ll need it. Wish me luck.”

“We will whip, fuck and hug cuddle tomorrow. Aicahn promise.” He pounded his chest with his fist, narrowly avoiding Enania. He then placed his lips on hers, kissing her with enough fortitude to stress his promise.

Enania’s cheeks were flaming when he released her. “Don’t forget what we agreed upon, Pax. I’m counting on you.”

He dipped his head in acknowledgement. “Yes.”

It really was time to go. Casting a last look at Brapax, she left her apartment. It was time for business.

She sat up stiff with nerves in her car. She was forever grateful for Brapax’s help. Without him, she wouldn’t have known what to do, but the two had managed to devise a plan to solve all her problems. Right now, Bralar still held her identification pod, which she needed and was required to have on her at all times. Equally high on her agenda was He how the other alien, Bralar’s lover Quorta, had treated her. Or rather, how the creature had assaulted her. But instead of being surprised, this time, Enania would have the upper hand.

Bralar’s smile when he let Enania inside his apartment didn’t hold the same appeal to her as it did the last time. She resisted the intense attraction she felt for this alien, knowing it was just a bunch of pheromones from a bottle.

“You brave woman. I not think humans that brave,” he said, oblivious to her actual state of mind. He gave her a welcoming slap on the cheek.

Enania gave him the most appreciative smile she could muster, even though she cringed inside. “Of course, Bralar. I wanted more of your goodness. You are so much more than Brapax.”

He huffed and lifted his chin. “Yes. I am better and strong.”

“You’re so very strong, Bralar.” She stepped up to him and rested her head on his shoulder. “I’m so happy to be back here.” Her eyes widened when she spotted her identification pod in the corner of the room on top of the cabinet.

“I happy too, human.”

“Is your friend here too, like I asked?” Enania had asked Bralar to invite Quorta too, saying she had enjoyed the total experience the last time.

“Yes, is inside. You like pain, no?”

Enania nodded. “Yes, I enjoyed the pain a lot last time.” It had been a horrible experience the last time. She liked pain in a sexual BDSM setting, but things had gone down the route of torture. Today she was going to get her revenge.

“Shall we begin?” Enania asked. While Bralar walked away to the living room, she made sure to leave the front door ajar.

When Enania entered the living room, she saw Quorta was there already.

“Hi, nice to see you again,” Enania said to the alien. Quorta draped herself possessively around Bralar.

“Hi.” It hissed in return. “You want more?” It showed the human girl its split tongue.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it,” Enania lied.

“Then we begin.” The green alien slowly walked over to the newcomer who offered her neck.

“Maybe start here to get in the mood?” Enania suggested.

“Good idea.” The alien took place behind the human, grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. It took great pleasure in licking the fragile human’s neck.

Enania’s breathing quickened. She contorted her face.

Bralar came in close. “Well done, girl. I tie her now.” Bralar pulled on Enania’s arm and took her to the bedroom.

Once there, he quickly took off her clothes and fastened her wrists and ankles to the wall in a spread-eagle style.

Quorta sauntered and closed her fingers around the bound woman’s right breast. Like the last time, she licked the sensitive nipple, bit down in the flesh, and drew some blood. She looked confused for a moment but said nothing. Enania twisted in her bonds.

Bralar came close and pushed Quorta aside. He slapped his human victim in the face. “You like, huh? Want more?”

“Yes, please,” Enania made herself moan in return.

Bralar slapped her other cheek. “Me fuck you. Me better than Brapax.” He put down his pants, revealing his two stiff penises. “First this way, later other side,” he stated as he pushed his top penis against Enania’s pussy.

“Yes, Bralar, fuck me hard,” Enania urged.

He grinned and pushed his hard cock inside her. A soft ‘plop’ was audible in the room, and only two thrusts later, Bralar was roaring in pain.

He had removed himself from Enania and had sunk to his knees on the floor, his hands grabbing his genitals. He was rocking and sobbing. Quorta hurried over to him, but as she did, she vomited all over his body.

The door swung open as Brapax stormed into the room. He drew the attention of the three people in the room by roaring loudly.

“You no hurt my human!” He continued in the Aicahn language, what Enania guessed were expletives.

Bralar tried to rise up to confront his half-brother but fell back to his knees. Only on the third try he managed to get to his feet. He tried to take a swing at Brapax, but his opponent evaded him easily. The two screamed at each other in the Aicahn language.

Quorta too mewled from the ground. “What…happened?” she finally managed.

Brapax approached Quorta, towering over her. “You hurt my human. I hurt you.”

“But how?” She mewled with her face contorted in pain.

“Secret weapon,” Brapax stated simply.

“I think I’m dying,” she cried.

Brapax shook his head. “No. Is antidote to your poison in her blood.”

The green alien groaned in frustration.

“Brapax, please untie me,” Enania called out.

He made his way over to her and slapped her left cheek. “Me like you.”

“I love you too, Brapax. Now let me go.”

“Hmm, me no fuck you.” He untied Enania and pulled her close for a passionate tongue kiss.

Bralar got to his feet and ambushed his half-brother by choking him around his neck.

“No! Don’t hurt him!” Enania shouted as she jumped onto the assailant’s back and pummelled his head.

Brapax used the momentary distraction to free himself from his brother and punched him in return.

His eyes seemed to flash fire.

“Come, Brapax, let’s go.” Enania didn’t want him to hurt his brother even more.

Still emitting a low grumble, Brapax left the room. Enania picked up her clothes, put them on, took her identification pod, and they left the house together.

Once in the car, she beamed a large smile at Brapax. “We did it, Paxy. Thank you for your help.”

“Sorry my brother hurt you. Sorry I can’t fuck you.”

She grinned and placed her hand on his chest. “I” ll make it up to you in other ways, don’t worry. You are my favourite alien, after all.”

“You my human,” Brapax replied. He slapped her lovingly.

Enania was sorry she had gotten her lover and his family into this mess, but she was relieved this battle was now over. And yes, she would repay him for all the help he had offered her. But now, they needed to recover from today’s events. But it wouldn’t be forgotten.


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