Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

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As you can find elsewhere on this website: I love advent calendars. When I was a child, I received one every year, and I loved opening one door every day in December until Christmas. Even now, as an adult, I make sure I own one every year. Now they come with small chocolates instead of mini toys, but since that too counts as a gift, I’m satisfied.
Now, there is a calendar with toys, with sex toys even. Easy Toys has released a large advent calendar filled to the brim with naughty gifts in the past two years. Opening all the small doors or boxes, in this case, is always a joyous occasion, so I was happy I could review it again this year.

Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

First is the packaging. The Naughty and Nice calendar consists of a large box; it’s really quite heavy. Seeing as there are twenty-four items inside, that’s no surprise: eight sex toys, four fun toys, six care products and six bondage items.
The items are designed to be gender-neutral, and most can be used by both penis and vagina owners. You can see the products as making an adventure of your sex life and definitely spicing things up.
Don’t be put off by the BDSM items; they’re not hardcore and will appeal to many people.
All the items inside the calendar aim to bring you a good time and bring you and your partner closer.

If you don’t want any spoilers about the contents, then stop reading here, or skip to the conclusion with some references to what’s inside. If you want to know exactly what’s inside, then read on!


The Contents

Day 1 Couple Toy

I have always wondered how to use this model toy. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Turns out it’s a versatile toy you can use to simulate various parts of the body or even use it as a couple vibrator during intercourse. I was happy it was part of the calendar because I would not have chosen it separately.

Day 2 Blindfold

This blindfold is shaped like a sleeping mask. It’s sturdy and will definitely take away your sense of sight. It feels like decent quality.

Day 3 2 in 1 massage lubricant

This, too, I had never seen before: a massage lotion combined with a lubricant. It’s the perfect combination; it’s easy to slip the lotion onto or into the most sensitive parts and bring your message into more intimate play.

Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 4 Nipple stickers

Here’s another item I would never have chosen, but they’re cool to have. They’re really cool to try out, and they’re perfect for sexy roleplay.

Day 5 Finger vibrator

Adding a new sensation to your fingering sessions, that’s what this vibrator does. It’s small in size, but the vibrations are decent, and they’re perfect for foreplay or teasing.

Day 6 Stimulation Gel

When I first used this gel, I didn’t think it could ever work, but it does. It made my clit a lot more sensitive and the subsequent sex, well, let’s say it made everything more interesting.

Day 7 Sexy dice

This year’s dice are only words printed on the dice. While this may seem unsexy, it’s the message that counts, and they’re a fun way of creating different settings and combinations.

Day 8 Tickler whip

Don’t let its small size fool you. The rubber strings can sting sharply. You can use this whip both for sweet teasing, but if you’re into BDSM, this tool is excellent for nipples and other sensitive areas. I think this will end up in our standard collection.

Day 9 Fun Balls

These purple vaginal balls have a smaller ball inside, which moves for extra effect. You can use them for Kegel exercises or just for an extra invisible stimulation only you know about. I like the quality and the simplicity of its design.

Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 10 Pillow Mist

It’s a spray with perfume to get you into a romantic mood. It’s a pleasant scent, but I’m not a fan of such sprays, so it’s not for me. But I think it can help you get in the mood.

Day 11 Handcuffs

These handcuffs are in the same style as Day 2’s blindfold. They’re made of a soft padded material. I like that these cuffs close with velcro, which is not particularly scary to beginners. You could get out of them, but the challenge is not to and to give over to your partner. The set definitely feels sturdy enough.

Day 12 Ankle Cuffs

The ankle cuffs are in the same style as the blindfold and handcuffs. I like how they added a complete set so you can choose how far you want to go.

Day 13 Restraint set

Where before I was talking about a full set, he completes it even more. You can hide these straps under your mattress so you can try full-body bondage. Again, they’re just straps, so it’s not scary for beginners to try.

Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 14 Body Paint

This may be this year’s favourite item for me: chocolate body paint! It’s one of those things you never get round to buying yourself, but it’s perfect for a fun night of play. It’s sugar-based, so it may not be suitable for the most intimate body parts, but I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with other body parts where this could go nicely 😉

Day 15 Silicone Dildo

A simple dildo like this can be used variably during sex, either with a partner or solo. It’s perfect for teasing, warming up, or combining with one of the vibrating toys in this calendar. Plenty of possibilities here.

Day 16 Love Ring

A silicone cockring, battery operated and with two bands. It’s a simple design, but it does its job perfectly. The batteries are included.

Day 17 Toy Bag

A simple toy bag to store this year’s toys in. You could say I was disappointed with this item. Last year, the set contained a larger pouch made of sturdy material and a zipper. This toy bag isn’t very high quality and has little applicability.

Day 18 Bath Bomb

This is an excellent item. Both before or after sex, taking a bath is always commendable. I like how the bath bomb is in style with the rest of the calendar with its shape of a purple star.

Day 19 Butt Plug

This tiny butt plug is perfect for beginners and those curious about butt play but who had never dared to try it before. It’s hard to go wrong with this item, and it gives you some idea of what it can be like.

Day 20 Nipple Clamps

Here’s another BDSM toy. What’s nice about these clamps is that they’re easily adjustable, so you can make them as tight as you want. The balls you see are stuck together, so they only serve as embellishment. It’s an excellent first set for beginners.

Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 21 Multi Vibe

What’s cool about this rechargeable vibrator is that it applies to any body part in any form. You can fold the wings together and apply vibrations to whatever spot you want. Definitely an excellent addition to any sex play.

Day 22 Toy Cleaner

I love how they added a bottle of toy cleaner to this set. For me, it’s a stock item, whether for new toys or during their regular cleaning: I always use toy cleaner.

Day 23 Challenge Game

Like last year, this year’s calendar has a card game. This year’s theme is Naughty and Nice, and the cards are divided into these two categories. The Nice cards have easy-going challenges, like watching a romantic movie together or taking a shower with the two of you. The naughty cards are, well, naughtier, with challenges such as stimulating yourself while your partner watches or kiss your partner all the way down to the most intimate spots. The game can definitely bring you a night of fun, or even more than one 😉

Day 24 Curved Vibe

Here we are, we’ve arrived at Christmas. Don’t underestimate this vibrator for its simple shape. My personal favourites are often those with simple designs and intense vibrations. Because of its shape, you can apply the pulses anywhere. So it’s definitely a good start for Christmas.

So there we have a description of all the items. Like the previous years, it’s an excellent collection of toys which can definitely broaden your sex life.


Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

I’m eager to try out the chocolate body paint for us, and naturally, we’re going to use the toy cleaner when my current bottle runs out. I’m afraid we’ll also add the tickler whip to our collection, which means it’ll bring me both pain and pleasure. We’ll probably find a use for the dildo and the curved vibrator as well.

Overall, I think the Advent calendar Naughty and Nice 2021 is an excellent product with toys inside for everyone. EasyToys has done a great job making the calendar gender-neutral with toys for every gender and identification. I’m sure it’ll add vibrators to your collection you had never tried before and that you probably wouldn’t have bought separately. The massage gel and the challenge card game are bound to bring you and your partner closer together. I like how the BDSM toys in the kit are very accessible and will allow newcomers to try these activities low-risk.

You can buy this calendar for only 129 Euro, while the retail price of the content together is 500 Euro. Yes, that’s still a lot of money, but it will also give you twenty-four exciting adventures throughout the month of December. Or you open the calendar earlier and start having these hot dates during the colder days in October and November. However you choose to use it, this calendar is the perfect gift for the holidays and is sure to add a lot of fun and naughtiness to the end of the year. Happy Holidays!


Overall: 9 out of 10

End verdict: Love

Review of EasyToys Advent Calendar 2021 Naughty and Nice Copyright Liz BlackX

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This product was given to me by in exchange for an honest review. That I received this product for free has not influenced my opinion in any way.


  1. The packaging is gorgeous and the contents look a great variety and all practical in different ways. I like how you reviewed these items in a way that a purchaser could choose to be surprised or fully informed. Thanks Liz it looks good value for money too.

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