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Lovehoney’s Best Sex of Your Life Couple’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar

As a kid, every year in December, I would receive my own advent calendar. Remember this was in the 1980s, so no, they weren’t fancy like they are today. My mother would make sure I had one with toys in it, small plastic trinkets of little value. You gotta know that I love gifts, no matter how small or seemingly worthless, so being able to open one door every day with a gift behind it, was a fantastic experience.
As an adult and living on my own, I’ve continued this tradition. I’ve only swapped the plastic toys for small chocolates.

Not Just Chocolate or Toys

The past ten years, big retail companies have taken on this tradition and have produced these calendars in every shape and form. They’re available nowadays with kid’s toys, but for instance real Lego or Play-Doh instead of the plastic figurines I got. There are calendars with cosmetics, tea, chips or even wine.
The erotic business was, of course, fast to follow. Last year I was lucky enough to test an erotic calendar for, and this year again. Unfortunately, I can’t publish about this product on my blog, but I found a similar product on They sell two variants: one with sex toys and one with sexy lingerie. Let’s check them out.

7 Nights of Seduction

Instead of having twenty-four doors to open, the lingerie calendar has seven. Part of the joy of this calendar is making it a little party for yourself. So make sure to open each box together with your partner so you can share the festivities and have a sexy moment every night.
The 7 Nights of Seduction Calendar by LoveHoney contains several pieces of lingerie, simple sexy handcuffs and a blindfold.
I love that this calendar is available in two versions: One size and One size queen. The 'one size' articles are usually fitted for small Asian bodies, which do not fit a larger European body like mine. And it's nice to be called a Queen ;)
I have actually tested a product like this once, for Valentine's. The thrill of opening the doors and taking out a piece of sexy lingerie was exhilarating.
Of course, this calendar is perfectly adaptable to the month of Advent and its darker days. Even though outside it's dark and gloomy, that doesn't mean you can't make it hot and steamy inside.

Best Sex of Your Life Couple's Sex Toy Advent Calendar

Now this is what I really call an Advent Calendar: twenty-four doors to open with an erotic toy behind every one.
These calendars are perfect for those who don't own a lot of sex toys yet because they give you a wide range of products which you might not have considered at first.

Lovehoney's Calendar contains several products for inquisitive couples: a massage candle, cards and dice for games of inspiration and various cock rings. Some of the toys are aimed at her pleasure: vaginal balls and a clitoral suction device to name two. For those unfamiliar with BDSM, there are several implements which are perfect for beginners, like soft cuffs, adjustable nipple clamps and a small paddle for spanking. For those wanting to experiment with anal play, there are several butt plugs included.

Again, what I love most is opening a door every day and having the thrill of a new gift. What makes these erotic calendars great is that you can do it with your partner and have a sexy moment every day. It doesn't have to lead to full sex every night, but sharing a sparkle of inspiration every day is definitely an excellent way to get through the dark month of December. And you know, these toys will be in your drawer in January still…

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  1. My youngest is crazy about advent calendars and has had one every year since she was about 6, maybe younger. Nowadays she specially goes to Ikea to buy one. I don’t think she will go for the Lovehoney one though 😉
    ~ Marie

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