Katja Moslehner from Faun, Castlefest 2015, Lisse The Netherlands, picture Copyright Liz BlackX
Katja Moslehner, Castlefest 2015

Almost. I almost chose this song a few weeks ago when the prompt was ‘colour,‘ since the song ‘Tinta’ by Faun is one of my favourite love songs ever. I find most love songs to be too sappy and boring, but this one isn’t.

I can’t find any evidence of it now, but I seem to remember this was an original Spanish, or even Old-Spanish, poem Faun chose to put to music. I’ve seen this band perform many times, and I especially love the main singer here, Katja Moslehner. She has since left this band. I love her voice and everything she can do with it. Seeing this band perform live was definitely magical.

I also love the poetics of the song. I mean, how big must your love be when even all the water in the sea and the entire surface of the sky isn’t enough to describe how extraordinary your love is. This is truly one of those feelings one can only express through the means of poetry.

I chose this video because I know I was at this festival that year. It’s not for anonymity reasons I don’t point out where I am within the audience; I honestly don’t know. It could be I’m somewhere outside the scope of the camera, either to the sides or further in the back. I only remember it was a magical experience.

English translation Tinta


Would the sea be the ink
and the sky the paper
could I not write then,
how deep my love is.

I love you more,
than leaves in the air whirl,
than the sky has stars
and grains of sand are in the sea.

I love you more,
than grains of sand are in the rivers
and fish in the sea.

If you would enter my heart
and could see my feelings,
you would be more content
and love me much more.


Si la mar fuera de tinta
Y el cielo fuera papel,
No se podría escribir
Lo mucho que es mi querer

Yo te quiero más arrobas
Que hojitas que menea el aire
Que estrellitas que tiene el cielo
Y arenas que tienen los mares

Yo estoy queriendo más
Que arenas que tienen los ríos
Y peces que tiene la mar

Si en mi corazón entraras
Y mis sentimientos vieras,
Más satisfecho quedaras
Y mucho más me quisieras.

Writer(s): Dp, Mitra Niel, Pade Oliver, Maul Ruediger, Rueggeberg Fiona, Pawelke Elisabeth
Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.comhttps://lyricstranslate.com/nl/tinta-ink.html

Song Lyrics Sunday is a prompt by Jim Adams, other entries can be found here:



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