Content warning: The following fictional story contains themes of religion. All characters are of legal age and have participated willingly.

A Tale of a First Blowjob and Possible Eternal Damnation 

Picture by Steve Buissinne via Pixabay 

“Oh God,” Zacharias exclaimed as the woman wrapped her lips around his penis. “Oh God, I’m going to hell, aren’t I? And you with me, Rahab.” 

The woman chuckled, which made the man squirm even harder. She moved away a little. “My name is Peggy, remember? And I will gladly go to hell together with you. We will spend our days having sex where you can fuck me over and over.” 

Zacharias cringed at the foul language. 

Peggy continued: “And I will suck your delicious cock every hour of the day. Does that sound like a punishment to you?” She bent forward and continued where she had left off. 

“Oh!” Zacharias moaned and reclined on the massage table. “But father Isaac says fornication is the devil’s highway.”

Peggy looked up. “Father Isaac knows nothing. He’s only jealous because he’s old and celibate and can only wish to have sex with a pretty girl like me.” She teased the man by stroking his dick with her tongue. 

“But mama says…” 

“Will you shut your mouth for a second and pay attention to what I’m doing? Like Father Isaac, your mama is just jealous because you’re such a pretty boy, a grown man even by now, and could get all the attention from the other sex that she never had. She homeschooled you to keep you strictly to herself. This is what she didn’t want you to find out.” Peggy took him deeper than she had before. 

“Oh fudge,” Zacharias uttered with a sigh. 

Peggy’s head went up and down in long hauls. She would show this innocent man what true pleasure felt like. It would be a shame if this well-formed big dick was only used for making babies. 

She took him in deep and sucked hard. Just as she had expected, the inexperienced man released his cum into the condom with a pained face. 

“Oh, dear Father,” he muttered as he came to. “That was, that was a sin, the devil must have gotten into you, and me.”

“Hush now, dear boy,” Peggy said while she stroked his stomach. “If you put hell and damnation aside, was it any good?”

“Yes. Oh, yes,” he replied instantly. “I’m ashamed to admit I have done it a few times myself, you know, by hand under the shower, but that’s nothing compared to…” He closed his eyes and shook his head. “Nothing at all.” 

His breathing turned more even until it turned more shallow. “Oh, fudge, the condom! Mother is going to kill me! I should, I should burn it. That’s what I’ll do.” He sat up and clumsily removed the condom. 

“Calm down. You’re not gonna burn a condom. Do you think that would even be possible with a rubber item? I’ll take it with me and throw it away for you.” 

He looked at her in confusion. 

Peggy giggled. “I’ll smuggle it out for you. I’m an expert smuggler.” 

His eyes went large. “You are?”

She laughed out loud.

A knock on the door sounded. “Is everything all right in there?”

Zacharias tensed and looked in panic from left to right. Peggy took the condom from him and threw the towel over his naked body. 

“We’re okay, Mrs Thompson. Almost finished.” She pushed Zacharias face down on the bed. 

The door swung open as Mrs Thompson purveyed the room sourly. 

“Are you all right, Zachy?” 

“Yes, mother. I’m quite fine.” 

“Hmm. Miss Hanson, please inform your manager I really would like a male massage therapist the next time.”

“Yes, Mrs Thompson.”

“Today’s morals are way too loose for my liking.”

Peggy nodded. “I agree, Mrs Thompson,” she replied solemnly, biting back a laugh. If only she knew.

“I expect you downstairs within five minutes, Zachy.” 

“Yes, mother. I do need to shower first, I’m afraid.” 

“Then you’d better hurry.”

“Yes, Mother.” 

The woman huffed and closed the door as she left.

Peggy bent forward and giggled into the towel. “I’m afraid you have succumbed to loose morals, Zachy boy. It took you, what, twenty years to finally give in?” 

Zacharias laughed sheepishly. “Twenty-one, actually. Can you, will you come again, Peggy?”

“Yes, of course, silly boy. I’ll blow some fun into that strict life of yours.”

“Thank heaven.”


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