Content Warning: Mentions of death and abuse

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Luckily, I’m not one who often has nightmares. Neither do I have dreams about sex, so there’s that too. I often dream about being in a work-like situation and being busy even when my days are slow. But the prompt this week was ‘nightmare’ or ‘terror’ or something similar, so I went looking for the perfect song.

‘When You’re Evil’

I considered metal artists but couldn’t find a song I liked. So, I continued my search and found this gem: ‘When You’re Evil’ by Aurelio Voltaire.

Aurelio Voltaire

I’m a big fan of this artist. He manages to write hilarious songs which often have a deep meaning. There’s a sense of darkness about him that I love. He brings it with enough levity so that it’s not about teaching you a lesson. It’s fun and entertaining.

Life Events

I’m convinced people who have seen darkness, who have been to lows in their lives, with or without their fault, develop a sense of dark humour to deal with the extremes. I see this in myself, in my husband, his sister and basically all my close friends. We haven’t all been through the same trauma’s. Most have lost an immediate family member, some have suffered abuse and some tick off all of the above. I think such life events leave a dent in your soul, which both makes you vulnerable to people who prey on others, and you acquire a weird sense of humour. After all, once you’ve been through hell, you might as well make fun of it. It can’t get any worse, now, can it?


I wouldn’t be surprised if Aurelio Voltaire had a similar background which made him choose this genre. For him, the mainstream public doesn’t all understand this or want to be confronted by it. So despite the high quality of his songs, he’s not that popular. I think it’s undeserved, and I do recommend him. Please, check out his music, but take his warning: Don’t be offended 😂

Song Lyrics Sunday is a prompt by Jim Adams, other entries can be found here:

P.s.: After writing and preparing this post, I found this clip. Turns out I was right about his background. Warning! This video made me cry, it’s very intense, but it contains some great lessons:


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