Do you masturbate even though you are happily married? 

To be fair there is no shame in wanting to masturbate even though you are married and have a great sex life already! 

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Some people believe that marriage is where you sex life goes to die. But that can’t be further from the truth! As we all love a little passion boost here and there. 

This topic today is solely dedicated to married couples who would like to indulge with masturbation in marriage.

To masturbate, or to not masturbate!

There has been some discussion of married couples as to when masturbation while married is appropriate. And I believe that in some cases, any time is the right time. But who decides that? 

Questions like “should I masturbate before sex?” and “Is jerking off cheating?” Are two of the top questions that are regularly being asked by married couples. 

The real fact of the matter here is that if you are not replacing sexual intercourse with masturbation then NO it is not considered as cheating. 

And it’s been proven that if you masturbate before sex, you can indulge in longer sex sessions without the embarrassing lets down of being over excited. 

So go ahead and masturbate, it’s a win – win situation!

10 Reasons married people masturbate:

  1. It is healthy!
    Masturbation regardless if solo or mutual is very healthy for the human mind and body.

    Mentally we release a fair amount of oxytocin from the brain as it releases what is referred to as the “love hormone” which allows humans to feel a deep connection of bonding.

    The other brain chemical is dopamine. That’s like a cocktail shot of neurotransmitters that stimulates your brain and puts you in that “feel good” mood! You may even feel masturbate sleeping which is instantly falling asleep after orgasms.
    Physically our muscles feel relaxed and refreshed, our central nervous system releases prolactin which leaves us with satisfied feelings. Couples masturbation can also be used as a sleep aid between lovers who may suffer from insomnia. (masturbate sleeping)

    Even our metabolism is affected by orgasms and masturbation because our bodies produce ghrelin which promotes hunger. Having a great sex life and a healthy diet is key to a longer sex life within the marriage.
  2. Relieves stress
    We all go through stress on daily terms, we work hard, we spend long hours away from our families so what better way to destress than mutual masturbation.

    When you participate in masturbation during marriage you tend to be less stressed about making time for sex. Instead a quick shower boost or early morning quickie can set the tone for the day. Leaving you feeling refreshed and reset.
  3. Keeps libido boosted
    Masturbation even when your partner is not present can help keep the mojo flowing. When the sexual urges hit you don’t have to put it off until later when you and you partner can connect. Masturbation in marriage can help promote more sex.

    Masturbation adds excitement to your imaginary play during a quick solo session, thinking of your partner or fantasizing about them during masturbation can create a more passionate play during the sexual intercourse sessions.
  4. Role playing
    Some couples masturbate separately and together, they can choose to role play scenarios which turns both of you on. You can play throughout the day so that when you finally get to see each other the passion ignites and just takes over. Role playing during bedroom duties can also help you feel more connected as a married couple.
  5. Boost relationship confidence
    Being married to your spouse and knowing you can trust them sexually is a huge bonus for many. Masturbation is a positive way to indulge in your sexual urges without straying from the other half. This keeps the marriage less stressful and much more confident that the other person is really in for the long haul.
  6. Alternative to cheating
    Yes this is a part of marriage that has become more common in recent years. Allowing your partner to masturbate lowers the risks of cheating and breaking up the marriage. Keeping your partner happy sexually should be important to both man and woman. There is nothing wrong with a married women masturbating to their husband, it can be a much safer alternative.
  7. Promotes healthy sex life
    Masturbation does help improve your libido. If you and your partner cannot set up times for play you must find ways to keep the spark alive until the deed can be done. You should masturbate before sex this helps you keep the libido alive and in full bloom.
  8. Deepens intimacy bond
    Naturally we are attracted to our partners. However in some cases they don’t always get to see each other especially if there is travel in the work schedule.

    Masturbation with connect app sex toys that can be used internationally to connect to one another would be a great way to initiate and keep the intimacy alive during those times.
  9. Explore sexual pleasures
    You can really explore your sexual pleasures during marriage with masturbation, if a husband enjoys masturbation with wife. It can open doors for the ultimate pleasure between couples. As a husband you can learn what pleasures she truly likes and please her just how she likes it.

    A wife who enjoys masturbating her husband can teach her the intimate parts of his sexuality and explore their sexual needs together which can boost their sex sessions. When you masturbate you learn what your bodies like during penetration and sexual arousal.

    You can also share this with your partner so they know how to truly pleasure you and provide you with your ultimate orgasms we all desire.
  10. Sexual Wellness
    Sexual pleasures and masturbation can keep us looking and feeling great. It is also good part of our sexual wellness practices. Sexual wellness can help with many sexual inhibited issues.

    Kegel exercises and prostate stimulators during masturbation in marriage can help maximize sexual pleasure experiences and increase satisfaction and intimacy when desired. 

Having open and honest communication during your marriage about sexual pleasures can ensure a long and healthy sex life for both partners. 

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