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Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser – Adam & Eve

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“It’s about time you learn how to please a woman, Zacharias.”

Peggy was his massage therapist who visited him once a week. She had a soft spot for this homeschooled adult male who had had little exposure to the real world. Last time she had given him a blowjob, but for today, she had a different plan.

The man blanched. “Oh, I don’t know if I’m ready for that, Peggy.”

She chuckled. “Relax. I’m not asking you to fuck me, though I’d love to feel your hot, hard dick deep inside of me.”

Zacharias cringed and didn’t know where to look.

Peggy took off her shoes, sweat pants and panties. “Scoot over.”

The man’s eyes grew large. “But you’re…what if mother comes in?”

Peggy rolled her eyes. “Your mother is with her sister, remember? Or don’t you want to learn about how to please a woman? How you can play with this?” She stroked her hand over her labia.

Zacharias stared, mesmerised by the view in front of him.

“Come on, touch it, if you dare.” Peggy spread her legs wider for him.

Zacharias slowly extended his hand, only to pull it back. “I…I shouldn’t.”

Peggy took his hand and placed it on her groin. “There you go. Just be sweet with it. Feel how hot it is?”

He nodded.

“I made it all nice and bare for you so you’d get the best view. Down here is my pussy, the thing that all the fuss is about. Enter it.”

“Can I?”


He carefully entered her pussy with one finger.

“Well, how’s that? Do you see how wet I am for you?”

He nodded. “Is that normal?”

She smiled. “Yes, silly, how else am I going to take your big cock inside of me?”

He pulled his hand back in a flash. “I don’t know.”

Peggy sighed and pulled the man’s hand back. “Before we get to that point, I have one important lesson for you. Are you paying attention?”

He nodded and observed her.

“This right here is my clitoris. Rubbing this tiny thing can give me the best pleasure imaginable.” She showed him how to stroke her. “Now, you try it.”

He rubbed her soft at first and then a little harder. She moaned at his touch.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Use some of the wetness you can find inside of me and continue until I tell you to stop. Watch me and see what I like best.”

The man used his full attention to study how she responded. He was at least the most attentive lover Peggy had ever had.

Slightly out of breath from the man’s fingering, she pushed him away. “Very well done. Let me get something.”

Her cheeks red, she moved off the bed and went over to her bag. She pulled a bright pink item from it.

Peggy handed it to Zacharias. “You are going to make me orgasm with this.”

Picture of the Eve's Slim Pink Pleaser by Adam & Eve

Copyright Liz BlackX

If before she thought his eyes couldn’t grow any larger, she had been wrong.

He turned the pink item around in her hands, stroking the veins on the phallus and the protruding nobs at the bottom. “Is this a dildo?”

Peggy nodded. “Dildo, vibrator, whatever you want to call it. It’s made of silicone, and it resembles a cock. Turn the dial at the bottom, and it’ll vibrate, hence the name ‘vibrator.'”

“Ooh,” he uttered in surprise when he turned on the vibrations. “And you like this?”

“Oh definitely. This toy has brought me many orgasms already. You just gotta know how to use it right. Gimme.”

He quickly gave her back the toy.

Peggy sat back down on the bed next to him and spread her legs. “There are many things you can do with this toy. You can tease me with it, like here on my legs.” She changed the setting of the toy to the lowest vibrations and went with it over her inner thigh. “Or on my boobs. You gotta remember to warm up your partner first; make sure she’s wet before you head in. And getting your dick inside that pussy isn’t your end goal.”

Zacharias nodded solemnly. He had never known sex would be so difficult or that there were so many things to learn.

“Once you think I’m in the mood, you can hold it against my clit, with the tip or with the side of the rod, whatever you prefer. And then, when I’m really ready, you can slide it right in my pussy.”

Again he nodded. “And then I leave it in?”

Peggy laughed heartily. “Oh, my dear boy, if only things were that easy. Just stick it in and wait for the magic to happen. Next time I’ll show you some videos. But no, that’s not how it’s done. Both partners want the friction you get from thrusting the cock inside the pussy. So you push it in slowly, take it back out, and push it back in. You gotta trust your instinct here.” She showed it to him by pumping the vibrator inside her fist. “That’s what it’s all about, this movement right here. Think you can manage?”

Zacharias blew out some air. “It’s a lot to remember, that’s for sure.”

“I’m confident you’ll manage.” She handed him the vibrator after turning it off and laid back on the bed. “I’m all yours.”

Zacharias chewed on his lips. ‘Where to begin’ he wondered.
“I forgot to ask. Can I, is it okay if I touch you, like with my finger?”

She chuckled. “Yes, Zach, that’s all right.”

He began stroking her shoulder and upper arm. His arm briefly grazed her nipple. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said quickly.

Peggy shook her head.

Zacharias took the vibrator, studied it for a moment, and then turned it on on the lowest setting. The soft whirring filled the room. He let it slide over her chest and her breasts very carefully.

Peggy’s eyes closed at the sensation. “You’re doing very well.”

His confidence renewed, he made his way southward, first stroking her inner thighs. He let the vibrator go on the same journey.

“Here we go,” he whispered, and he dared to open her pussy lips and explored the treasure within.
He entered her with one finger.
“Right, the clit,” he whispered next. He placed the tip of the vibrator on her most sensitive spot.

Peggy hissed at the feeling.

“Is that bad?” Zach asked as he quickly removed the vibe.

Peggy pulled it back. “It’s sensitive, remember? It’s just right.”

Zacharias nodded and placed it back. Next, he let the vibrator slide down for it to disappear inside her pussy. “Friction,” he whispered. Slowly he pumped the toy in and out of her vagina. Peggy leaned back and moaned as she closed her eyes. “Yes, that’s it. More…I want it harder.”

He studied her face and increased the rhythm. He also set the vibrations higher.

“Mmm, you like the toy, huh? You like making love to the vibrator?”

Peggy nodded and moaned. “My clit, don’t forget my clit, boy.”

He placed the thumb of his free hand on her clit and began to rub it hard. “You like it hard, right?”

Peggy was now too far gone to answer him. The throes of passion had overtaken her. Only a few moments later, she released her loudest moan yet as she went over the edge.

Zacharias let go of the toy and her clit, though he recognised it as an orgasm. ‘It looks wondrous’, he thought. An idea popped into his head.

“Peggy, can I kiss you?”

She rubbed her face and smiled. “Yes, you may kiss me. Fucking hell, you made me cum, man. You deserve at least a kiss.”

When he bent forward, she grabbed him by the neck and pulled him towards her. Their lips met, and she showed him what a proper post-orgasm kiss looked like.

After releasing him, she let out a big breath and got off the bed. “I think you’ve learned plenty for today, Zacharias. We’ll resume our lessons some other day.”

Her heart melted when she looked at him. He was back at his insecure self.

“Did you…did you like it at all?” he asked carefully.

“Yes, my dear Zacharias.” She wiped the vibrator clean on a towel from her bag and wrapped the toy in it. “I enjoyed it a lot. I think we’ll do it again soon. I got many other tricks to teach you, but remember today’s lesson. Replay it in your head before you go to sleep tonight. Your future lovers will love you for it.”

“Oh, I will. And not just tonight.”

When Peggy was fully dressed, she kissed Zacharias on the cheek. “Let me know when your mother is away again, else I’ll see you at our regular time next week. Bye, lover.” She kissed him on his cheek and left the room.

Zacharias was already replaying what had just happened. This was definitely the best day of his life!

The Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser was supplied to me for free by Adam and Eve in return for an honest review, or, in this case, a story inspired by the toy. Some of the links in this text are affiliate links.

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