This post has nothing to do with sexuality. It deals with something else entirely: my Dutch identity.

In 2007, our Queen Maxima said in a speech that there is no such thing as a Dutch identity. I disagreed with this statement for a long time, but it was only a tiny, uncomfortable sense of ‘that doesn’t sound right.’ I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was wrong. But ever since the racial discussions have flared up in the world, I have become more nationalistic. Because yes, I am frugal, often too blunt in my reactions, and I strive for efficiency and hard work. And I’m proud of it. I do count myself lucky to have been born in this country. And no, things haven’t come easy. I’ve known my fair share of bullying and abuse by family, friends and strangers.

When I saw this commercial, it struck me how well it captures all of the Dutch culture in fifty seconds. It’s got our national colour orange, many many flags, our horrific dancing culture, how we love to barbecue and our love-hatred for the Germans (with the singer helping to guide the bad weather to the neighbouring country). It even contains a typical Dutch swear word: ‘pokke herrie,’ ‘smallpox loud noise.’ Yes, we Dutch like to swear with serious diseases.

Every time I watch this commercial, it brings a smile to my face, which doesn’t happen with many commercials. So no, I have to respectfully disagree with our Queen. We do have a shared identity, and she only has to watch this fifty-second video to have it captured on screen.

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    1. It goes for every country, I think. And it’s not something I care about deeply, but I’m definitely Dutch, and not ‘European’ or something similar.

  1. Where I haven’t been born Dutch, and still have the South African roots deep in my heart, I am as Dutch as can be, and feel the pride when I see the orange, am totally with the rest of the country when ‘we win’ or ‘they lost’. I am with you, Liz, I am Dutch, not European 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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