Instant Bimbofication

Content Warning: This story contains themes of modification and dubious consent. No characters were harmed during the recording of this tale.

This is the second instalment of the bimbofication story ‘Experiment Gone Wrong – Improving Cybil’. You can find Part 1 here.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

“At ease, Cybil,” Nathaniel said uneasily like she was some soldier he had command over.
Still smiling, she put her hands down.
He put a hand through his hair. “Right, well, let’s sit down for a moment and discuss things.” As he sat down on the couch, Cybil scooted closer, while still on her knees.
“Oh Cybil, please sit down next to me. You’re not a dog.”
She squinted and shook her head. “But, Sir, I cannot sit on the couch.”
“But I asked you to.”

Nate could see the wheels turning in her head before she finally sat down next to him. She sat on the edge of the cushion, her hands between her knees and her shoulders down.

“Ehm, Cybil, can you tell me how you feel?” He had to begin somewhere.
“Feel, Master?” Her face contorted as she assessed her feelings. “Tired, I think, Sir, and happy to be with you.” She finished the sentence with another big smile.
“You’re not in pain anywhere?”
She thought for a moment and shook her head. “No, Master.”
“Good, that’s good.” He checked his watch. “I was actually planning to go home soon. Do you think you can drive?”
Her eyes went large instantly. “Like in a car?”
That was answer enough.
“Never mind, Cybil. For tonight, I’ll take you home with me. Is that okay?”
It was like he had told her she had won the lottery. “Yes, Master, of course.”
“Let’s go then.”

He helped her pack her bag, and they drove to his place. Once inside, he sat her down in his living room before getting the bed in the guest room ready. He tried to get her to sit on the couch. In the end, they settled on her sitting on the floor.

When he returned to the living room, she was still in the exact same position as he had left her. She had that vacant stare on her face. Surely this is nothing permanent, a small voice inside of him whispered. But no, that couldn’t be. It had only been a hypnosis treatment, amplified somewhat with a tiny bit of mind-altering drugs. It was bound to wear off in a couple of days.
What about the people who had taken ayahuasca and who had never recovered, the voice inside of him insisted.
Good thing this wasn’t ayahuasca then. Nate pushed his worries aside.

“Well, Cybil, are you ready to go to bed?”
“Yes, of course, Master. Anything to please you.” She scrambled up off the floor and awaited further instructions.
“Follow me.”

He showed her the bathroom and the guest bedroom where she was going to sleep.
“Thank you, Master, looking perfect.” It was the first time ever his dingy single bed triggered such a happy response. “Where will you be if I need you?”
“I sleep in the room next to yours. Is there anything else you need?” He asked while scanning her face.
“Are you sure there is nothing I can do to make you happy, Master?” Cybil asked, her lips nearly pouting while pushing her breasts against him.
Nate quickly took a step back. “No, no, I’m quite all right, thank you. Just, erm, try to get some rest, okay? Maybe you will feel better tomorrow.”
“I feel fine, Sir, really. My body is here for you to use.” Her breasts rubbed against him.
“Right.” His tone of voice was higher and squeakier than anticipated. He cleared his throat. “Go to bed now, Cybil. That is my command.”
“Yes, Master.” She turned around and threw back the covers of the bed. With a frown on her face, she was not her chipper self. “Good night, Master.”
“Yes, Cybil, good night.”

Once Nate had closed the door, he rested his forehead on the cold surface. What was he going to do now? Really? What was he to do?

The next morning, Cybil woke up feeling well-rested. She was disoriented for a moment, but soon remembered she was in her Master’s house. That was all she needed to know. Her stomach churned. Something was missing inside of her, but through the pink fog in her mind, she couldn’t remember what. Maybe it was her Master she yearned for. His gorgeous body, how would that feel when she caressed it? What would his manly chest look like? And the other, more intimate parts, underneath his chest? She giggled at the thought. Maybe she should just go over to him and see for herself. That was her task, after all. Yes, she was going over there right now.

Once out of bed, she looked at her dishevelled clothing. No, that wouldn’t do. She needed to be presentable and attractive for her Master at all times.

She went over to the bathroom, quickly used the toilet and washed her hands after. The mirror told her this was not the way a woman could greet and please her man. She splashed some water in her face and ran a hand through her hair. She got rid of the shirt she had slept in and also took off her underwear. She posed in front of the mirror. Better.

With a new spring to her step, she left the bathroom and made her way over to her Master’s bedroom. The door opened with a slight creak, but her Master’s snoring continued unperturbed. He was so cute!
She threw back his covers and admired the sight before her. He was wearing a T-shirt and boxers, but that was all right. He shouldn’t be cold.

She climbed on the bed. Even denting in the mattress didn’t wake him. ‘He must have been exhausted, the poor thing,’ she thought to herself.

Carefully, Cybil rolled up his shirt to reveal his stomach. The soft skin was more beautiful than she could have imagined. She watched the slow rise and fall from his breathing for a few moments. He was too perfect.
Finally, she couldn’t hold back any longer. She pulled up the elastic band of the boxer shorts and took his penis in her hand.

Nate began to murmur and scoot underneath her.

Cybil was in full bliss. She was holding his cock, the centre of her universe! She just had to kiss it. The naked woman took his glans inside her mouth. It was exquisite! She had taken hold of his most primary part, the essence of his core. What else was she to do but make love to it with her mouth? She took all of him inside of her and caressed him with her tongue.

Nate’s eyes flew open. “What…no…who?”
He tried to make sense of the world, but his desire overtook him. It was Cybil sucking on his cock, but why? His groggy mind attempted to grasp what was going on, but the way she sucked him made it hard for him to focus.

Cybil noticed her Master had awakened. Time to finish the job well. She sucked him harder and deeper than she had so far. She was going to show him how good of a girl she was.

He relaxed and gave in. This felt too good.

Cybil worked her magic. Every moan her Master uttered renewed her energy to work harder. Soon she was rewarded with her Master’s life-giving juices.

Nathaniel sighed and rubbed his eyes. The content smile on Cybil’s face looked like he was still dreaming. However, when the bliss of his orgasm ebbed away, his common sense dropped back like a brick. This was wrong, and it had to end now. “Get out, Cybil.”

Her face fell immediately. “But, Master…”
“Get to your room, you’ve been a naughty girl.”

Cybil looked like she had been slapped in the face. She had wanted to please her Master, not hurt him. “But Sir…”
She scrambled off the bed and looked at her Master with tear-filled eyes. “I’m so sorry, Sir.” She retreated to her room.

Bimbo Sisters
Kristin Deceived – An Erotic Bimbofication Tale

Kristin Deceived – An Erotic Bimbofication Tale

eBook: 2,99
Series: Bimbo Sisters, Book 1
Genre: Erotica
Tags: Bimbo, Bimbofication

Kristin enjoys what little freedom she has in her father’s home, until her evil stepmother Elvira moves in. It takes a simple ruse to get Kristin placed in the state’s Bimbofication Program. 

‘Kristin Deceived’ is about how she is transformed and how she - step by step - loses her free will and gets modified into a beautiful voluptuous woman who lives to serve men. Will she be able to stay out of the clutches of the man Elvira intends for her?

‘Kristin Deceived’ is an adult short story of 5,000 words features themes of behavior- and body modification, bimbofication, humiliation and servitude. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

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Darina Tamed – An Erotic Bimbofication Tale

Darina Tamed – An Erotic Bimbofication Tale

Series: Bimbo Sisters, Book 2
Genre: Erotica
Tags: Bimbo, Bimbofication

Darina loves to party. Her civil service starts in three months, so she wants party hard before the date draws nearer. Seeing her sister in her new Bimbo shape, only makes matters worse. If only she could escape that fate.

‘Darina Tamed’ recounts how she gets arrested, is transformed and gets modified into a stunning, docile woman who lives to serve men. How much partying will she get to do before the time has come?

This is the second installment of the 'Bimbo Sisters'-series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

‘Darina Tamed’ is an adult short story of 5,000 words, and features themes of behavior- and body modification, bimbofication, humiliation, prostitution and servitude. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

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  1. What a fun erotic tale. You left me wanting more….the resolution of their conflicted selves. What had she done wrong for the Master? How could he square his pleasure and his norms?

    David Proctor
    1. That’s one of the main questions of the story: she will want to seduce him, but is Nate able and willing to let go and see her for what she is, for what he made her, instead of the bookish data analyst she used to be?


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