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Another mystery box appears on her doorstep — will he really bring their BDSM one step further?

Fabiola received a mystery package which led to a hot adventure with someone who called himself Master Thyme. During their second date, he tied her with rope for the first time. Will he now take up the BDSM another notch?

Fabiola looked around the coffee shop while she waited for her friend Gemma. It was a quiet afternoon with few visitors. One man was behind the counter restocking the sacks of whole coffee beans and making notes on his notepad while the barista helped the customers. Afternoons like this must be nice to work here. Unfortunately, Fabiola knew enough of the service industry to know a few slow hours didn’t make up for the abuse you suffered from entitled clients. The years she had worked in the fast-food industry had taught her that lesson. It was also why she always tried to be extra nice to the barista.

Finally, Fabiola spotted her friend and waved enthusiastically. Gemma weaved her way through the other tables and chairs and plumped on the other seat of Fabiola’s table. Fabiola scooted one paper cup towards her. “Here’s your coffee, madam,” Fabiola added.

“Why, thank you. Have you been here long?”

“Five minutes or so. Been watching people, philosophising about life as a barista.”

“Wanna change careers?” Gemma asked before taking her first sip of coffee.

Fabiola laughed wearily. “No, not really. Days like this can be fun, but they usually don’t outweigh the bad days.”

“So…your mystery lover.” Gemma bent forward and lowered her chin. “Tell me.”

Fabiola blushed and picked up the napkin to fiddle with. “Well, it’s fun.”

Gemma shook her head. “No, no. You’re not gonna get off so easily. I wanna know it all.”

“He texts me where I need to be at what time. Once in the room, I blindfold myself, he comes in, and we have sex.”

“So you’ve never seen him?” Her friend asked.

Fabiola shook her head.

“You never even peeked?”

“Nope. I suppose he’ll show me when he’s ready.”

“But what if he’s, like, not your type?”

“We have a connection, Gem. I don’t really care what he looks like. I love our mystery adventures together, I love his voice, and the heights to which he can bring me are, really, wow.” Fabiola hid her blushing cheeks behind her hands while trying to clean her lips with the napkin.

“You know, Fab, I’m quite jealous of you. I never expected you to be the one who would have an affair with a mysterious lover in a dungy hotel room. Good for you.”

Fabiola shook her head. “We have such a magical connection. He can read all my deepest fantasies. It’s like he’s making them come true one at a time. That’s gotta count for something, right?”

“Who knows, maybe he’s your soulmate.” Gemma grabbed her friend’s hands. “Don’t worry too much about it. Enjoy it while you can. Adventures like these are rare.”

“I know, Gem. Hey, tell me, how did it go with your date? Dan, was it?”

Gemma rolled her eyes and sat back. “Dave. And don’t get me started.” She continued to tell in full colours how her date had failed her.

The two women spent half an hour together before leaving for their respective homes.

Fabiola smiled when she spotted the next mystery box before her front door. Butterflies twirling inside her stomach, she picked up the delivery and carried it inside.

She tore open the box and turned the postcard round to see what this time’s message was.

My dearest Fabiola,

Every time we’re together, you exceed my expectations. You spur me to even greater heights than I had foreseen. My plan for our time together is to stretch your limits. I want to know what borders I can take you to, naturally, with only our pleasure in mind. Will you join me on this journey? Await my invitation.

Master Thyme

Fabiola quickly inspected the other contents of the package. First, she discovered more cuffs, but these were made of leather and had buckles for closure, not like the ones she had previously received, which closed with velcro. It was a complete set with two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs and a collar. Underneath these items, she also discovered a short metal chain with two clip like items on the ends. She turned them round in her hands. Were these really nipple clamps? Wow, Master Thyme was really going to up his game. She carefully considered every item. She even put the collar to her throat to see how it would feel. She didn’t close it. Her gut told her that wouldn’t be allowed.

The objects felt more real than what she had received so far as if she was now graduating into real BDSM. Did she want to go there? Did she trust him enough? Well, if he had wanted to abuse her, he’d had plenty of opportunities already. The only conclusion she could reach was that, yes, she did trust him enough. She anxiously awaited his text message with the next invitation.

Two days went by without any message from her Dominant. She was getting restless. She longed to continue their adventure and didn’t understand the delay. Could it have been something she’d said or done? Every evening she let the rope he had given her earlier run through her hands. She smelled the leather cuffs and pushed them against her skin. She was definitely ready. Why didn’t he contact her?

She considered texting him, but every time she picked up her phone to do so, she didn’t know what to say, especially since she didn’t want to come across as needy.

Finally, on the third day after receiving the last package, she received a text from Master Thyme.

‘Tonight, 8 PM, Ritz Hotel, bring all the goods, instructions like last time.’

It looked like an exact copy of last date’s message, but she didn’t care. She was excited to continue her adventure with her Mystery Lover. Similar to last time, she received his message while at work. Her colleague saw her reading the message.

“Good news, Fabiola?”

Fabiola glanced up while the excitement was coursing through her body.

“Er, yes, I guess you could say so.”

“You’re smiling like a teenager in love. Good for you then,” her colleague grinned and returned to her desk.

Yeah, good for me, Fabiola mused. My sexual journey is restarting. It’s definitely good for me.

Fabiola struggled to focus on work the rest of the day and was happy when she was finally released to go home. She ate a light dinner and quickly made for the shower. She had kept herself in shape these past few days, but now that it was really happening, she had to make sure everything was perfect.

Once satisfied, she collected all the items Master Thyme had sent her and headed to the hotel. The instructions were the same as the last time, and even the room was the same.

Fabiola could hardly contain her excitement as she displayed the items on the bed, wrapped the blindfold over her eyes and got into position. She focused on her breathing while she waited. Her mind kept going back to the cuffs and rope. Only a little while longer…

Fabiola froze when a person entered the room and closed the door. The citric scent wafting in told her it was Master Thyme.

“Good evening, Fabiola.” He stood next to her and trailed her chin. “Or should I say ‘slave’?”

“Yes, Master,” Fabiola replied.

“Are you certain, my dear girl? Are you my slave?” Fabiola lifted her chin as he stroked her neck.

“Yes, Sir.” The tension between them was hardly bearable.

“I’m honoured to have you as my slave. What did you think of the cuffs I gave you. Are they to your liking?”

Fabiola smiled. “Yes, Master, I liked them a lot.”

“But you know what wearing them implies? It means you are mine to control. There won’t be any running away.”

“I know.”

Why had her voice turned so soft and almost, well, pliable? All she knew was that she needed the collar around her neck. She needed to be his.

The rattling sound gave away that he’d picked up one of the items. “Once this is on you, you are mine for the evening.” He placed the leather collar to her neck. “Or possibly longer. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

Master Thyme fastened the collar around her neck.

“Good girl.”

Without speaking, he continued putting the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles.

Fabiola relished the feeling. It did feel tighter and more secure than the velcro ones. She was now truly his.

He removed her dress and bra. Fabiola licked her lips at her sudden nakedness. She had agreed to this. She was his slave and his to play with. She shuddered as he stroked her breasts.

“So beautiful,” he murmured.

He didn’t linger but continued with the bondage. Fabiola again sensed rope being wrapped around her body. Soon her torso was bound with her arms tied behind her back.

Fabiola didn’t even need the blindfold; she would have kept her eyes closed anyway. It felt safe to be in bondage while being controlled by her Master. She could only submit and surrender to his will.

Master pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs slightly. His hand went inside her panties.

“I can’t wait to slide my cock in here.”

Fabiola didn’t know what to say, so she merely smiled. Her excitement was such that she felt she would welcome sex with him right now.

Instead of his cock, his finger went inside her. “Hmm, you’re plenty wet already. Still enjoying our BDSM play, are you?”

“Yes, Master,” Fabiola replied while moaning and gyrating at his touch. He rubbed her clit, which made her squirm even harder.

Then he stopped and let go. “I think you’re ready for the next level. Do you want to try it?” He asked.

“Yes, Master.”

This wasn’t all that fair. If he had asked her to sign over her financial assets, she would have said ‘yes’ too.

Instead, he pinched her right nipple and then a deep pain went through it. She gasped at the feeling. He repeated it on the other side, which hurt just as much. He tugged the chain lightly. “Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes, Master,” she replied, her face wincing in pain.

“Pain and pleasure are close in the human brain; one can strengthen the other.” He plunged two fingers inside her wet pussy, while pulling the chain with his other hand.

The storm of emotions that went through Fabiola was nearly too much for her. How could she process this much at the same time?

“Enjoy the pain, slave. Hurting you is what turns me on. Give over to me.” His voice was laden with lust.

He pulled hard at the chain.

Combined with the rough fingering, Fabiola tumbled over the edge into the vortex of pleasure. She elicited a scream while she plunged into nothingness and her muscles convulsed. New waves of her orgasm went over her when her Master removed the clamps. The resulting pain coursed through her and made her cum even more deeply.

When she came to, she was utterly spent. Never before had she ever cum so intensely. It felt as if Master lay next to her as he softly stroked her arm.

“Are you back on Earth, my dear?”

“Yes, I suppose so. Wow.”

Master chuckled. “That’s what pain play can do, slave girl.” He rubbed her nipples. She hissed. “They’ll be sensitive for a day or two. Good reminder of our play and of me.”

“Yes, Sir.” Fabiola hardly knew where to focus. Her body was still reeling from what had just happened, and she wanted to rest, but she didn’t want it to be over yet. “Will you stay?”

“No, I can’t. But I’ll stay a little longer to make sure you’re safe. Come, let me untie you.”

He helped her to sit up and removed the bondage and cuffs.

“Can I, may I, keep the collar on a little longer? While you’re here?” She asked tentatively.

“Yes, my slave, you may. Do you want to lie in my arms?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, Master.”

“Come here then.” He opened his arms, and she scooted close to him. Even though he was still clothed, it felt like they had a close connection.

She lay in his arms for a long time but was disappointed when he moved away from her and got up from the bed.

“It’s time for me to go. Let me remove the collar.” She sat up and held her head down while he removed the leather band from her neck.

He pushed up her chin. “Thank you for tonight, dear slave. Thank you for allowing us to explore pain play together. I hope we’ll have many more adventures together.”

“Yes, Master, I hope so too.”

Fabiola expected a kiss from him but instead was shocked when the hotel room door opened and closed.

She was alone. He toyed with her. She was his entirely, and yet he played with her. Could their play ever be so intense without this layer of mystery? She groaned and fell back on the bed. This relationship was complicated, Master was demanding and being a slave meant she had no control whatsoever. But why did she enjoy it this much?


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