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Picture from Depositphotos.com

Meeting up with a Mystery Lover, where would he take it from here?

Fabiola received a mystery package which led to a hot adventure with someone who called himself Master Thyme. Where would he lead her this time?

Part 2

Fabiola woke up confused. Had yesterday been real? She noticed the two postcards and figured that, yes, it had been true. It had been one of the wildest things she had ever done in her life. It had definitely been worth it. But where where would he take it from here? Her mystery lover did mention a kiss the next time they would meet. A faint smile wrapped around her lips. She didn’t know who he was or what he looked like, but he had known exactly how and where to touch her to bring her intense pleasure. Somehow she felt like a kiss would be just as exciting.

Fabiola lay back and closed her eyes again. She tried to form a picture in her head of her mystery lover. The voice of a person can tell you a lot about their personality. And even though he had been the one to set up the meeting, he had definitely been nervous. Fabiola found that quite endearing. It might be a clue that this wasn’t something he often did. He had been considerate too in tying her up with cuffs she could, in theory, remove herself.

Fabiola appreciated that he hadn’t fucked her. It prolonged the game, the intensity. Though, in a weird way, she had wanted him to make love to her, roughly. In fact, he had promised her she would be begging for him to fuck her in only a couple of weeks. Could that be so?

Fabiola’s hand slipped between her legs and started to fondle her privates. She was wetter than she had expected. Her other hand went to her neck. Wearing the stranger’s collar had been comforting in a way. She had no idea why that was the case. She had enjoyed submitting to him.

Her fingers entered her depths and rubbed her most sensitive spot, just like he had done only hours before. She thought she could even smell him again. She felt how he had tugged her wrists together, showing her he was in control.

In her daydream, he pushed her roughly over a table before plunging his fingers inside her. His other hand pushed her down, squashing her breasts on the flat surface. His conjured up image didn’t care. He stood close to her, riding his hard-on against her ass.

‘Next time, I will fuck you. I need to know if you are ready and if you will be willing to take me. Are you?’

Her phantom lover grasped both her wrists while finger-fucking her roughly.

‘Yes, please. Take me, use me,’ Fabiola replied in her head.

‘Cum for me. Show me how much you love it,’ he said.

At his command, Fabiola’s orgasm rose, and she quickly tipped over while a world of stars exploded around her. Her muscles tightened and contracted as the waves of pleasure coursed through her.

Fabiola chewed her lip. This was one pleasant way of waking up. Her phone dinged with a notification. It was about time to get back into the real world. Maybe it was him who had sent her a message. She knew one thing for sure: she would meet her mystery lover again if he was willing.

The notification wasn’t from him; it was a message from work saying she only had to come in during the afternoon. She stretched her limbs and got up from the bed.

During her break at work, she noticed she had missed a call from her friend Gemma. Not wanting to inform her colleagues of her sexual escapades, she sent her friend a message saying she would call her later.

‘I’m intrigued. I want to hear everything later 😘’

Lurid images from last night’s and this morning’s adventures flooded back into Fabiola’s mind. She shook her head. She needed to focus on work now, not on anything sexy. She returned to her desk and resumed her customer service call-centre work.

Tired from solving problems all afternoon, she returned home. When she spotted a mystery box in front of her door, she smiled. Could it really be from him again?

Sure enough, her name was written in beautiful calligraphy, just like on the previous package.

Fabiola picked up the box and nearly skipped in glee to the couch, where she could easily unpack.

She first found a postcard. The image on the front was a woman in very elaborate bondage, which excited Fabiola even more than the box already had.

My lovely Fabiola,

Last night was better than I had dared to dream. You were just as perfect as I had hoped. I long for more good times with you. I hope the contents of this box will inspire you. I will abide by your wishes. Be ready for my invitation.

Master Thyme

Fabiola’s heart lurched as she read the words on the card, and it pounded even harder when she looked at what was actually packed underneath. She slowly pulled out a length of rope. It was black, but the material was near silken, with the fibres beautifully wound together. A blush crept over her cheeks as her head filled with fantasies of how this rope could be used around her body.

Fabiola realised she had asked Master Thyme not to bind her so she could escape when necessary, but right now, she was having second thoughts about her request. Strangely, she trusted him, and what harm could he really do her? Wait, strike that, plenty of harm, but would he really?

Excitedly, she called her friend Gemma.

“Gemma, you won’t believe it. I got another box!”

“From your mystery man? What did he send you this time?”

“Another card, and well, rope.”

Gemma chuckled. “He really does know your most private fantasies. So?”

Fabiola hesitated. “So what?” She asked.

“Well, are you?”

“Am I what?” Fabiola was perplexed.

“Are you going to let him use the rope on you? I bet you won’t be able to escape him then.”

Fabiola giggled nervously.

“So that’s a ‘yes.’ You’d better be careful, girl. Just because he hasn’t gone too far yet, doesn’t mean he won’t.”

“Oh, I know. I know full well. But this rope is so beautiful, and I can already feel him pulling it tight around my body. I need this, Gem.”

“You’re a lost cause. When are you going to meet him next?”

Fabiola shrugged. “No date yet. I think he’ll message me when he’s ready for it.”

“Yeah, when he’s ready for it. Don’t get too caught up in all this, Fabby. Flings are nice, but they can cause you irreparable damage, bodily or mental.”

Fabiola cast her eyes down. “I’m well aware. But it’s such an adventure.”

“Stay safe, Fabby. That’s all I ask.”

“I will, Gem. Thank you.”

They disconnected the call. Despite Gemma’s warnings, Fabiola had already made up her mind. She was going to meet with her mystery lover again. She ran the rope over her lips. No one could take this pleasure away from her.

The following day, while she was at work, she received the text from Master Thyme.

‘Tonight, 8 PM, Ritz Hotel, bring all the goods, instructions like last time.’

Fabiola instantly turned bright red and quickly made her way to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. Her energy was buzzing the rest of the afternoon, though she wasn’t focused on work. Luckily the call centre had scripts she could follow, but it was even hard to follow these. Her brain wasn’t really controlling her body right now; it was more a secondary control system.

Fabiola had never been more relieved to leave work than on this day. She quickly made her way home, fixed a light dinner, ate it without tasting it then took a shower to prepare her body. Even though she wouldn’t be able to see him, he would inspect every part of her. She chose the same dress she had worn the last time. She hoped he wouldn’t mind, he would take it off anyway.

Her heart still racing, she drove to the hotel. Master Thyme had texted her the room number on the drive over, so with trembling hands, she received the key card from the receptionist. She managed a faint smile and went upstairs to room 320, right next to last time’s room.

Once inside, she unpacked the bag with the props as he had called them and displayed them on the bed. She removed her shoes, got into position taking one last look at the rope and the collar and slid the blindfold over her eyes. The waiting game could begin.

After what felt like an eternity, the door creaked open, and someone entered.

“You returned,” Master Thyme remarked with a slight note of wonder. “It looks like you listened well.”

“I try to,” Fabiola uttered with a nervous giggle.

“Ah yes, I still need to teach you manners. Let’s first get your collar on.”

A big grin grew on Fabiola’s face.

“You like that, don’t you?” Master said with a chuckle. “So eager to please already. Well, here you go.” He fastened the collar with the velcro closure around her neck. He held her chin and lifted it a little. “It does look wonderful on you.”

“Thank you,” Fabiola said softly.

“I’m Master Thyme, and you shall address me as your Master for as long as we’re here. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.”

Like the collar, calling him by his title felt right.

“Did you like the rope I sent you?”

Fabiola nodded. “Yes, I loved it. I hope you’ll use it on me…Master.”

“I might. You know, I’ve been thinking. Last time you needed your arms and legs free so you could escape my grasp. I don’t want to overstep your boundaries, so we’ll abide by these guidelines today. Are you okay with me using bondage on you that might impede you, should you want to escape, but would not make it impossible?”

“Yes, I think so, Master.”

“Good, then let’s begin.”

Fabiola only heard rustling sounds, but presumed Master was picking up and arranging the items.

She gasped as Master took her right arm and added the cuff to her wrist. He repeated the action on her other wrist.

“Come, stand up,” he instructed.

She did as he had asked.

He rolled her dress up and took it off. “We’ll leave your bra on. I can’t have you running through the hotel halls completely naked if you’re running away from me.”

Fabiola grinned but tensed as Master put the rope at the back of her neck.

“Here we go. Don’t be scared. Enjoy the ride.”

Fabiola lost track of all the man’s movements while he tied the rope around her torso. She was very excited, and strangely enough, when the rope was tightened at certain spots, it felt good. It gave her a thrill she had never known before.

“All done. How does it feel?”

“It feels special, strange, but also good.”

“Spoken like a true rope-bunny. It looks beautiful on you. I hope to gain your trust one day so we can do full-body bondage. Or maybe a hog-tie.”

Fabiola blanched. “A what?”

Master laughed. “Don’t worry about it. Let me check first how much you like it.” His hand disappeared inside her panties. “Oh, you really enjoyed it. Would you have guessed having rope around you made you this excited?”

“No, Sir,” she answered softly. She didn’t know whether to be proud or ashamed. At least she was confused.

“Lie back on the bed.” He helped her to lie down on her back. “Spread your legs.”

To her shock, he filled her immediately with what appeared to be two fingers. He didn’t give her time to adjust but fucked her roughly.

Fabiola moaned in response and quickly began to lose sense of the world around her. She felt the tight rope around her chest, the collar on her neck, the cuffs on her wrists and his fingers deep inside her. All she could do was enjoy what he was doing to her. Her pussy was what existed, her pussy and her collar. “Oh…oh, Master,” she moaned.

“Yes, slave girl, you’re doing great. Give yourself to me. Let me rule your pleasure. I own you.”

“Yes…yes,” she complied while the waves of desire coursed through her body. She shook her head from left to right as her stomach tensed.

“Cum for Master, slave. I command you.”

It took only a few milliseconds before she fulfilled his request and went into the abyss. Explosions of bright stars flashed before her eyes while her body shook and writhed. It felt like the longest orgasm she had ever had.

When she had somewhat recovered, Master had placed his hand on her breast, stillover her bra. “You are such a sight to behold.”

Fabiola smiled shyly and shrugged.

“Was it as good as it looked?” He asked her.

Fabiola nodded. “Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.”

“Is it, can I, well, ask you something?”

“Go ahead, slave.”

“You said you would kiss me last time.”

“I know. Do you think you have deserved it by now?” He asked with an amused tone.

Fabiola nodded. “I think so.”

Master brushed his lips lightly over Fabiola’s. “Are you certain this is what you want?”

His cologne of citrus and cedar once again overwhelmed her. “Yes, please.” That came out way more needy than she had intended.

He took a firm hold of the back of her head and pushed his lips onto hers.

She willingly opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue inside. His power overwhelmed her. She let him take the lead and enjoyed the passionate dance that unfolded.

“Was that worth the wait?” He asked, his voice still laden with lust.

“Yes, definitely,” she replied instantly.

“Definitely…?” He asked.

She considered it for a moment and then lit up. “Definitely, Master. Thank you, Master.”

“Good girl. Let me take this off of you.” He removed the rope, the cuffs and lastly, the collar.

Fabiola was sorry it was already over.

“Don’t fret, slave girl. We’ll meet again real soon.”

“When can I see you, Master?”

“Not yet, little one. Enjoy the mystery while you can,” he replied in a friendly way.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Like last time, you can stay the night if you want, or leave when you’re ready. We’ll be in touch soon.”

“Yes, Master,” she said with her head down.

“Goodbye.” Next, she heard the door open and close.

Fabiola was alone again. What an adventure this had been, wow.

She touched her lips tentatively. The kiss had been her best one ever. She had no idea where Master Thyme was going to lead her; she only hoped he wouldn’t wait too long. Tonight she would again dream of her collar and how to be a good girl.


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