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Fabiola receives a package with sexy toys, a card and a number. Could this be the answer to her deepest wishes?

Part 1

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Fabiola sighed, mustered her courage, picked up her bags, and left her house to get some groceries. She would need food tonight, after all.

Going over the groceries she required, she stumbled on a package on her porch. Sighing, she picked up the box. She hadn’t heard any doorbell. It probably was a wrong delivery, yet again. She frowned as the name on the label was indeed hers: ‘Fabiola’ written in elaborate calligraphy. She placed the package inside and left for the grocery store. That was a mystery to solve later.

All the time in the store, the strange box had a profound effect on her. Who could have sent it? She didn’t have any open orders, as far as she knew. Perhaps it was some extremely delayed delivery? She quickly wrapped up her shopping and returned home. It wasn’t until she was halfway that she realized she had forgotten both milk and bread; that’s how distracted she had been. She’d pick them up tomorrow; too much of a hassle to go back now.

When Fabiola returned home, the blank box was still there. She resisted the urge to open it immediately and put away the groceries first. When the task was finally done, she picked up the box and installed herself on the couch.

She cut through the tape with a pair of scissors. A postcard lay on top of the contents. It was an illustration in black and red of a symbol unfamiliar to her. On the back was a printed message:

My lovely Fabiola,

You may not know me, but I can make all your dreams come true. The props in this box are the tools I need to bring you unimaginable magic. I know you need this. Send me a text when you’re ready to accept this quest. I won’t wait forever.

Master Thyme

What was this? Fabiola really didn’t know what to make of this enigmatic message. She’d have to check the phone number and compare it to those of her friends. Maybe someone was trying to bamboozle her.

Her shock increased when she unwrapped the goods. She found a black sleeping mask, wrist cuffs with velcro to close, and what she guessed was a collar with a leash.

Fabiola honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She quickly shot a pic with her phone and sent it to her best friend, Gemma. ‘Did you do this?’ she added.

Only a few moments later, her phone rang.

“What is that?” she heard her friend ask.

“You tell me,” Fabiola replied.

“You don’t think I would send you that? Why would I?”

“Maybe your evil alter ego ‘Master Thyme’ needed an outlet?”

Gemma spluttered at the name. “Fab-ee, I wouldn’t mess with you like that. But come to think of it, those are the items you talked about the other day, how you were sad you’d never tried them.”

“And then what? My phone overheard me speaking, shoved them in a box and shipped them to my house, are you suggesting Alexa came up with an evil charade?” Fabiola sighed. “No, I don’t know what to make of this, but I doubt it’s any good.”

“There’s a number on the card, right? So, text it and see what you get. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead you to the love of your life.”

“Pff,” Fabiola huffed. “Fat chance at that. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. But you swear it wasn’t you?”

“Scout’s honour,” Gemma promised.

“Thanks for your input. Talk to you soon.”

“Bye, love.”

The call was disconnected. Fabiola shook her head. Gemma had spoken true. It was a secret longing to explore this darker side of sex, especially after her last relationship with Robby. He was convinced sex was only about the two minutes of pumping in and out and reaching his orgasm. Maybe ‘Master Thyme’ was a nudge from the universe she should explore and jump into the unknown.

One cup of tea later, she decided to take the plunge. Her hands slightly shaking, she entered the phone number and typed this message:

‘Thank you for the package. What do you propose?’ She closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and pressed send.

Chances were, he wouldn’t even respond.

The message ‘typing…’ appeared, contradicting that notion.

‘Hi Fabiola, great to hear from you. Will you accept my quest?’

‘What is the quest about?’ she typed and chewed her lip.

‘Lol. I thought the contents of the box said plenty.’

‘Want me to use them on cam?’ It was a prospect she didn’t like, but at least she’d be safe.


Fabiola thought she had scared him off, but eventually, the ‘typing’ words reappeared.

‘You will wear the blindfold, we meet, and I’ll bring the magic.’

‘Meet how?’ Fabiola’s heart was now racing.

The prospect of this was so wrong and yet so exciting.

‘I hire a hotel room. You enter first and prepare yourself. I bring the magic.’

He really had thought this through.

‘Safewords?’ she asked.

Fabiola didn’t know much about BDSM, but she figured this was the least she could ask.

‘Green for go ahead, orange for slow down, red for stop now.’

Fabiola nodded. She could do that.

‘No bondage or gags. I need to be able to run,’ she demanded.

‘You will not want to run. I will send you info later. Be ready.’

Fabiola rubbed her temples. What kind of mess has she gotten herself into now? Why did it feel so fascinating?

Since she didn’t know when they would meet, she decided to take a shower and prepare. Better to be safe than sorry. She took a long shower, cleaning her body thoroughly using her extra luxurious shower gel, the one with Lotus and Rose scent. She also shaved, removing all unwanted body hair. Despite the strange arrangement, it felt good to take care of herself this way.

The rest of the afternoon, she heard nothing from her mystery lover. She actually checked the messages they had exchanged earlier to see if those had been real, if she hadn’t made it all up.

Dinner passed, and still no message yet.

Right after the clock struck eight o’clock, her phone buzzed.

‘Ritz Plaza, Room 318, bring the props. ASAP!’

Fabiola’s heart thudded loudly. This was it. It was going to happen after all.

She placed the items back in the box, grabbed her car keys and left the house. During the ride over to the hotel, she heard her phone buzzing, but ignored the notifications. Traffic was busier than she had expected for this time of day.

After parking in the hotel’s parking garage, she shot a quick message to Gemma.

‘On first date with mysterious stranger. Ritz hotel, room 318. If I don’t return, his number is on my phone.’

The messages she had received on the way were instructions for what she had to do in the hotel room.

Fabiola went to the hotel’s reception desk and received the key to the room.

She closed the door behind her and checked to see if the space was empty. She carefully placed the box with goods on the bed. She kicked off her shoes and knelt on the bed, pulled out the blindfold, took one last glance around her, and slid it over her eyes.

Here goes nothing.

She waited in the darkness for forever when finally the door handle rattled, and a person came in. His cologne struck her senses, bringing in wafts of citrus and cedar.

“Hello, Fabiola. I’m Master Thyme.”

He approached the bed. Fabiola badly wanted to get up and remove the blindfold so badly, but he had explicitly told her not to. Instead, she strained all her senses to learn more about this person.

“Hi,” she finally managed weakly.

Was that really something a lover said when meeting their partner for the first time?

She flinched when he laid his hands on her shoulders.

“You look better than I remember. I’m honoured to have you in my grasp.”

“Have we met?” she asked.

“Well, no, I wouldn’t say we have met. But let’s not worry about that now.”

Fabiola heard the velcro from one of the items being released.

She gasped when his fingers touched her throat before he closed the collar around it.

“Not too tight?” he asked.

She shook her head.

When he closed the cuffs around her wrists, Fabiola wondered why this felt so right. She was at the mercy of a stranger, yet it felt like the most natural thing ever.

“Can I secure your wrists together behind your back? If you want out, you can rip the velcro apart.”

“Yes, that’s okay.” Why had her voice turned so soft?

He clipped both her wrists together. He pulled her back so her torso leaned against his stomach.

“You are magnificent,” he whispered while his thumbs began to stroke the sides of her boobs.

Should she say ‘thank you? Instead of speaking, she waited.

Slowly, he pulled up her dress. His hands went inside her bra, where he stroked her nipples.

“So hard already, wonderful. We’re gonna have so much fun together.”

He rose from behind her. “Turn around and lie down on the bed.”

“You’re not gonna…? We’re not going to…?” she asked in a quick panic.

“I’m not going to fuck you. I said I was going to bring magic. I don’t need my penis for that. In a couple of weeks, I’ll have you begging.” He chuckled.

Fabiola took the position as instructed. Somehow she trusted this stranger.

He took place between her legs. She guessed he was the one kneeling now.

“Oh,” she exclaimed as he took off her panties.

“Hmm, so wet,” he said as he slid one finger between her labia.

Fabiola felt as though she was completely bound since she was now lying on her bound wrists.

The man pushed one digit inside her.

Fabiola was not a virgin, and yet she had never felt such a magical touch. Before she knew it, she was moaning and squirming around only his finger. It was the culmination of being blindfolded and bound in an unknown hotel room and being fondled by a stranger.

Fabiola’s world collided when all the stars in the universe exploded within her, when the waves of pleasure coursed through her.

He had deftly brought her to orgasm.

A few minutes later, he spoke again: “Come, I’ll take off your cuffs.”

Without the cuffs, Fabiola felt strangely uncomfortable.

“It looked like you enjoyed it. You can stay the night if you want. I’ll contact you soon for the next date if that’s all right with you.”

“Ehm, yes, I suppose so. Can I see you now?”

“No, you cannot.” He bent close to her and stroked his lips over hers. “Next time, you may kiss me.”

Why did her heart make a little jump at that statement?

“Goodbye,” he said, suddenly solemn.

“But, no, wait!” She heard his footsteps retreating and the door open and close. She was again alone.

She pulled off the blindfold. There was a new postcard on top of the old one. It had the same illustration on the front. At the back, it said ‘until we meet again.’

Fabiola fell back on the bed. Well, she had longed for an adventure, and she had undoubtedly gotten one. Despite the strangeness of the encounter, she was already looking forward to the next time they would meet. At least she’d have a story to tell Gemma tomorrow. She sent her a quick message that everything was all right and then made her way home.

She now had real adventures to write down in her journal, and she bet her dreams would be magical that night.


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    1. You’re right about the red flag, but luckily this is a good guy 😀
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