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How many streaks of lightning would there have to be to punish everyone who had illicit sex?

Content warning: The following fictional story contains themes of religion. All characters are of legal age and have participated willingly.

Every week, home-schooled Zacharias receives a massage from his massage therapist. She has been teaching him the more carnal sides to life, like receiving oral pleasure and how to please a woman with a toy. For his twenty-second birthday, she has a special treat planned for him.

“Good morning, Mr Birthday Boy,” Peggy said as she entered the room with a big smile.

“Thank you, Peggy,” Zacharias replied as he folded his T-shirt and put it aside. She had been his massage therapist for several months now, and they’d come to the conclusion it was easier when he was already partly disrobed when she arrived. It saved time, since next to the regular massages, she also taught him, well, more lewd lessons…

“How old did you become? Twenty-two?”

Zacharias nodded. “The Lord has indeed blessed me with twenty-two birthdays so far.”

“The Lord, huh?” Peggy smiled as she set up her massage table in the bedroom.

“Yes, mother says only the devout are granted a healthy and long life.”

Peggy huffed. “If only that was the case. Come here, let me get that body of yours in shape.”

Zacharias knew he and Peggy thought differently about religion, so he ignored her statement and took his place at the massage table.
It was his favourite hour of the week, anyway.

Peggy applied oil to his chest and began massaging his shoulders. She frowned. “You feel tense, boy. Were you so nervous about your birthday?”

“No.” Peggy was so close to him he found it hard to hold back the truth. “I’ve been thinking about life, about what I want, about things you’ve said.”

Peggy stood up straight. “Really? Wow, boy, I commend you. Are you finally growing a spine?”

Zacharias tried to avoid her scrutinizing gaze. “I’ve been reading the Bible, and I somehow feel connected to Joshua. He, too, had to hold down his head for a long time before he could rise up and lead his people. He only needed to trust God. Ow.”

Peggy had resumed her work and had found a particularly sensitive spot in his shoulders. “Is that what you want? Lead people?”

Zacharias’ face was contorted from both the inflicted pain and the question. “I don’t know what God has in store for me, but I’m starting to think there may be more than this.” He motioned to the room around him.

Peggy smiled wearily. “Sounds like you’re growing up, my dear boy.” She continued his massage in silence.

When she had finished both his front and back, she took a step back and placed her hands on her shoulders. “I had such big plans for today, and now you’ve distracted me with all your deep thoughts. Instead of seducing you like I had imagined I would, let me ask you bluntly. Look at me.”

Zacharias turned on the table until he faced his friend.

“How about I make you a man?” Peggy asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

Zacharias’s mouth fell open. He blinked a few times before pointing to his crotch. “You mean…we?”

Peggy nodded. “Yes, Zach, that’s exactly what I mean. Your dick in my pussy. I think it’s about time. What do you say?”

Zacharias was now bright red. “But we’re not married.” His protest was insincere since his crotch was sending him different signals.

At that moment, his mother dropped something downstairs with a loud crash. Zacharias nervously licked his lips. “See, we can’t do this. God will punish me. This must be a sign.”

Peggy stepped in close to his face. “How many streaks of lightning would there have to be to punish everyone who had illicit sex? The sky would be lit all day.” She pushed her lips onto his and forced her tongue inside. His protest melted away the moment her lips touched his. These kisses, along with her lips on other parts of his body, was all he could think about during the week.

“You don’t think this is wrong?” he asked when their lips parted.

Peggy shook her head. “It’s a bodily function.” She grasped his groin and began massaging it. “Why would you be able to feel pleasure outside of marriage?”

Zacharias closed his eyes and enjoyed the ministrations. His resistance flowed out of him by the minute.
“Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Thought so,” Peggy responded before letting her hand slip inside his underwear. Her hand circled his penis, and she jerked him off expertly. He was rock hard.

She let go of him and retrieved a condom from her bag. Within seconds his dick was covered in latex.

“You’re gonna have to come off the table, love. It won’t hold both of us.” Peggy took off her shoes, pants and panties and positioned herself on Zacharias’s bed. She stroked her pussy and spread her wetness throughout.

His heart pounding, Zacharias got off the massage table and knelt on the bed before Peggy.

“Do you remember the lesson with the dildo?” Peggy asked him. As he nodded, she continued: “Well, now you’re the dildo, though alive and hot. Try it.”

At first, Zacharias had trouble getting in the correct position. It was scary to climb on top of the woman. But when he was at the right spot, it was like his brain shut down, and instinct took over. His hips moved of their own accord and commanded him to mount the woman. He followed his instinct’s lead and pushed his dick inside her pussy. Again his mouth fell open. “You’re so hot and wet! I wanna stay in here forever!”

Peggy smiled and licked her lips. “Not forever, love, but try to make the best of it while you can. Remember the lessons I taught you?”

From very far away, he remembered stimulating the pearl above her vagina. He pressed his thumb hard on the spot.

Peggy hissed. “Careful now, soft stroking only.”

“Right, right. Sorry.” His hips again told him to move, and he did. While he stroked her clitoris, her vaginal muscles clamped tighter about him. “This is heaven, this is heaven.”

Before he realized what he was doing, he placed both his hands next to Peggy’s face on the wall and began to pound her hard. Within minutes his orgasm began to rise, and he spewed his load deep inside of her into the condom.

He retreated and sat on the edge of the bed. He tried to make sense of all the images and feelings still floating around in his head.

At that moment, the door flew open, and his mother barged into the room. “What is going on here, for Pete’s sake?”
Zacharias’s hands flew to his crotch, shielding his exposed penis.

“Nothing, mother,” he mewled.

Peggy only closed her legs. “Just an extra service for your son, Mrs Thompson.”

“You Rahab, I knew you were a trouble rousing miscreant when I first laid my eyes on you. How dare you seduce my son to your wicked ways? Get out of my house and never return!” The woman’s chest was heaving in anger while her fists were balled.

“No, mother, please. She’s my friend.” Zacharias’s protests were meagre.

“And you! How dare you betray me like that? I sacrificed everything for you, and this is how you treat me in return? Get out of my sight! Go with your whore friend.”

“Mother, no, I can’t. Where will I stay? This is my home,” Zacharias pleaded.

“Get out!”

Peggy quickly got dressed and packed up her belongings. “Come, Zach, take some underwear and a set of clothes and come with me. It’s about time you enter the world.”

While he got dressed, Zacharias was near to tears, still wearing the condom. He didn’t want to take it off in front of his furious mother. He went to his closet and took out underwear from the neatly folded pile, as well as another pair of pants and two shirts. He packed it all in his weekend bag, which he used for visits to aunt Claudia.

“But mother, when can I return?”

His mother’s face was a mask of anger. “Never. I banish you from this house. I will not have a sinner under my roof. Farewell.” A flash of sadness went through her eyes before returning to the stone-cold gaze.

Minutes later, Peggy and Zacharias were on the sidewalk outside of the residence, the cold air forming clouds with their breathing.
Peggy sighed. “Well, boy, it was about time you left your mother’s grasp, but this is not the way I would have wanted. Come with me for now, and we’ll see from there. Happy twenty-second birthday, boy.”

Zacharias could not believe what had just happened. He’d gone from being encompassed by the throes of passion to standing on the pavement in the cold air, homeless. He looked up to the sky. ‘Dear God, what do you have in store for me? What hardships will I have to endure? Help me, God, and show me how to become your Joshua. Amen.’

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