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How could their way of life be so attractive when it was so wrong?

Content warning: The following fictional story contains themes of religion. All characters are of legal age and have participated willingly.

Every week, home-schooled Zacharias receives a massage from his massage therapist. She has been teaching him the more carnal sides to life, like receiving oral pleasure and how to please a woman with a toy. For his twenty-second birthday, she has a special treat planned for him. After this surprise, Zacharias’ mother barged in and kicked him out. Peggy invited him to her place. Now what was he to do?

Zacharias woke up in complete confusion. Where was he? It wasn’t until he saw Peggy’s massage table in the corner that he knew where he was and what had happened the night before. Banished by his mother from his house, he had spent the night at Peggy’s place. He had no idea what he was going to do next. He offered a quick prayer before getting up and folding the blanket he had slept under during the night. He looked around the small apartment. He could make breakfast like he did for his mother every day. He didn’t think Peggy would mind that.

He entered the kitchen and managed to find everything he needed. He prepared toast and eggs while the coffee was brewing. His thoughts reverted frequently to the night before. Every time he considered it, he held his chin up higher. He was a man now. Doing the deed with Peggy had been splendid. He had been wholly unprepared, in all honesty. One day, during the first night with his future wife, he had envisioned losing his virginity. He would have sought counsel with his mother or brother Saul from church. But now Peggy had guided him all the way, and his body had shown him what she couldn’t explain. He hoped this wouldn’t send him to hell; but it had felt so natural he doubted it.

Just when he was ready washing up the tools and pans he had used, Peggy entered the kitchen. “Hey, pretty boy, this smells good. Don’t think I can persuade you to make another one of those?” She nudged to the plate.

“Good morning, Miss Peggy. That is your breakfast. I will eat later when it doesn’t disturb you. Would you like coffee or tea with your food?”

Peggy shook her head in confusion. “What nonsense. Of course you will eat with me. Pour us both a cup of coffee and sit down next to me. There’s plenty for both of us.” She took a seat at the table and scooted back the other chair to make space for Zacharias.

“Oh? Really?” Zacharias shook his head and quickly prepared two cups of coffee. He placed them on the table and took place next to Peggy.

“It tastes terrific, Zachy. I didn’t know you were such a good cook.”

Zacharias shrugged. “I have to do it every morning.” He frowned. “I hope mother is going to manage today.”

Peggy smirked. “She should have thought about that before kicking you out. What are your plans for this afternoon?”

Zacharias chewed on his lip while he looked down. “I don’t know. I’ve never been away from home like this.”

“What would you have done today?”

“Today’s Thursday? I would have dusted the living room, cleaned the windows and of course cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.”

“Would you be okay with doing that here today? I need to leave for work soon, and I don’t want you to fret in stress and despair all day long. And my house could do with a deep cleaning.”

“Of course, Miss Peggy, I would love to. Do you have any other tasks I could complete for you today?”

Peggy smiled softly. “No, boy, I wouldn’t dare to ask more of you after yesterday. Just stay out of the bedroom.”

Zacharias nodded solemnly. “Of course.”

After breakfast, Zacharias cleared the table and washed up the dishes.

Peggy gathered her necessities for the day and approached Zacharias. “I’m leaving. Be a good boy today, and don’t worry too much. We’ll find a suitable place for you in the world.

“Yes, Miss.”

Peggy chuckled. “I don’t know where you got the ‘miss’ thing from, but it sounds all right. Have fun today, and don’t work too hard.” She placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you, Miss, have a good day working.”

“I will.” Peggy left the kitchen and the house.

Zacharias sighed and looked around the apartment. There was plenty for him to do.
He had just finished dusting the living room when he heard the key in the front door. He glanced at the clock. It was only 2 PM. He had expected Peggy to return later, but okay. What did he really know about her life?

“Oh, hi,” an unknown woman’s voice said from the doorway. Zacharias’ head shot up and turned towards the door. Who was this?

“Ehm, hi. Sorry, I’m Zacharias. Peggy invited me to stay here.”

“Hi, nice to meet you.” The young woman approached him. She had dark hair, and she was somewhat shorter than Peggy. Her protruding belly gave away that she was expecting. “I’m Sheryl. You must be the handsome homeschooled boy Peggy told me about.”

Zacharias smiled uneasily. “I guess.”

“Well, I live here too, so I guess we’re stuck with one another.”

“You live here? Does your husband live here too?”

Sheryl giggled. “You are indeed as innocent as Peggy told me. No, there is no husband. This wasn’t entirely planned, but we love her either way.” She stroked her belly lovingly.

Zacharias blinked at the news. Unmarried and with child. This woman had secured herself a 1-way ticket to hell.

“I’m sorry, but I really must go to the toilet now. We’ll drink some tea after.” The woman scurried off to the bathroom.

Zacharias went to the kitchen. Both Peggy and Sheryl looked so normal, and he knew Peggy was great at her job. How could that be when they were so obviously living in sin?

Two days later, there was another opportunity to lure Zacharias over to the dark side..

“Zach! Zachy, can you help me?” Peggy’s cries came from her bedroom.

Zacharias rushed to the door. “Miss Peggy, what is it? Can I come in?”

“Open the door and come in, doofus.”
He did as she asked and gasped when he took in the scene before him. Peggy was lying on the bed, fully naked and her legs spread wide. Sheryl was lying next to her, still in her underwear.

“Uh-hum.” He scraped his throat. “What is the emergency?”

“Well, dear boy,” Peggy began as she snapped Sheryl’s bra band. “Sheryl is mightly overdressed for the plans I have with her, and I hoped maybe you could help.”

The inexperienced man opened his mouth and shut it again. “Oh, ehm, I don’t know. Is that appropriate? Could I?”

Peggy shrugged. “I thought your hands were very capable. I thought you’d like another use for them instead of cleaning my house.”

“But you’re my friend, and we’ve, well, done these things before. But she…”

“Peggy’s reviews about you are raving, and now that my hormone levels are through the roof, I am indeed longing for a man’s touch.” Sheryl beckoned him over with a lurid smile.

“Yes, well, I suppose I could, I mean,” Zach stammered as he advanced the woman. “Are you really okay with it? And the baby’s father?”

“Pff. Forget about him. I forgot about him the moment he walked out my door. I’m way happier here with Peggy, but I do long for a hard, long cock.” Since Zach was now standing next to her, she stroked his crotch. “Would you be okay with that?” She asked him from under her long eyelashes.

“I see; well, I don’t know,” Zach replied hesitantly.

Sheryl blew out air. “Yes or no, boy, else you can leave, and I’ll call another friend of mine.”

Zacharias’ head was bedazzled. He wanted to, oh God yes, with everything in him, but this was outside of wedlock. He could be sent to hell for this. When Sheryl began massaging his dick through his pants, his protests diminished with every move she made. He quickly undid his fly. “Yes, please,” he uttered while shaking his head. He knew he shouldn’t, but perhaps just once wasn’t too bad. Please God, grant me this one evening of fun.

“I knew you would,” Sheryl answered with a broad grin. “Show me that hard flesh of yours.” She grabbed a condom from the nightstand and rolled it over his erection. “You were right, Peggy. He’s got one nice dick. And it’s brand-spanking new. Let me see how it tastes.” She bent sideways and closed her lips around his shaft.

Again, Zach’s mouth fell open. He had remembered sex felt good but had forgotten it felt this good.

Peggy watched the show and slid her fingers over her wet pussy. “Don’t come yet, dear boy. If you do it good enough, maybe you’ll get a chance back in here.” With those words, she let a finger slide inside her pussy. “Remember how that felt?”

He nodded but was unable to form words. Sheryl’s blowjob was too delicious.

A few minutes later, Sheryl pulled back. “My tongue is starting to cramp. Best move to station two.”

“Really, Peggy, can I?”

“Hurry up, boy. I’m not gonna keep it open for you all night long.”

Zach climbed on the bed on top of Peggy. “Do you need stroking first?” he asked with a serious tone.

Peggy giggled. “I’m wetter than a fountain. Slide right in.”

Zach manoeuvred himself properly and let his cock sink into her wet pussy.

“Good heavens,” he uttered.

“Same for you, boy. How can such an innocent figure learn to fuck so well.” She closed her eyes as waves of desire went through her.

“I think I deserve a kiss, Zachy,” Sheryl intervened and turned his face towards her. While riding Peggy, he tongue kissed her friend. He could hardly believe the situation he was in now was real. He pulled away from the kiss and pounded hard into Peggy before he shot his load deep inside of her, into the condom.

When they had recovered, Peggy blew him a kiss. “Thank you, boy, that was just what I needed. Some other time we will go back to the lessons about female orgasms, okay? And I think Sheryl here would like to be fucked as well.”

“Definitely,” she replied wantonly.

As Zacharias retreated from the bedroom to the bathroom, where he removed the condom, he was still in shock like the last time. Had this been real? Was he going to hell for having this kind of pleasure? Why had he been blocked from learning this before? Why were they keeping this away from honest Christians? Or were all marriages like this? In that case, he really needed to find his wife. And quickly too. He wanted more of this ‘sex thing’ in his life

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