My most emotional picture of 2020, I’m holding hands with the inflatable doll by AmigaToy

To say this blog grew a little from 2019 to 2020 would be an understatement. I rose from 2,000 views to nearly 18,000 views per year. This is an increase I had not foreseen or even dared to dream would happen. Seeing my daily views and comments are definitely a great motivation to continue writing. Looking back at what posts were most popular is the right way of looking at what works. I always make assumptions, but analysing the statistics might be closer to the truth. And it could even unveil a hidden truth. and NSFW content and NSFW content and LBRY, Minds and Mewe: Social Media Without Censorship

Okay, most people do this lists building up to the most popular post, but I do it the other way around. My most popular post this year was the one about and how they handle NSFW content. Especially around the US election, I saw an uptick in the views for this post. I also noticed this on other posts and YouTube channels I follow. The general public is getting tired of the continuing censorship as portrayed by Facebook and Twitter. But where to go?
Don’t think Facebook and Twitter are inescapable. and are significant initiatives, and today a website like is also gathering an audience fast. It’s definitely worth looking into!

Domestic Discipline in My Household

Domestic Discipline in My Household

The next post is about an essential part of my 24/7 D/s relationship: Domestic Discipline. Spankings have become routine in our life. Both my husband and I miss it if it’s been too long. We try to do it once a week, but it doesn’t always happen. But when it’s done, we both feel so much better. I am more submissive for days to come, more pliable. And my husband too feels more at ease. They’re not things we do consciously, but they’re small adjustments in our behaviour. So yes, domestic discipline is definitely part of our life.

Domestic Discipline in My Household, Or Not?

Domestic Discipline: What Does Flogging Mean To Me?

Domestic Discipline During Times of Stress

Tantaly Review of Stacy’s Mom – My First Sex Doll

Tantaly Review of Stacy’s Mom – My First Sex Doll

I’m happy to see my review of the Stacy’s Mom sex doll doing so well. I was elated. I got to review an actual sex doll, and I loved every minute of reviewing her. My husband, who got to test the doll, and I were surprised how much different a sex doll is compared to a separate masturbation toy. Both Tantaly’s Stacy’s Mom and Amiga Toy’s inflatable doll were big hits in our household, and we still use them frequently.

Tantaly Review of Stacy’s Mom – My First Sex Doll

Review Amiga Toy Inflatable Sex Doll – My First Female Lover

I (f37) had sex with a sex doll (f)

Fiction – Mandy Gets Fixed

When looking at my top posts, a great many of them are fiction posts. This actually means a lot to me. I am, at heart, a writer of fiction. I don’t do it a lot, because it costs me a lot of focus and time. But to see my fiction being appreciated by many people, actually more than my personal posts, is special to me.
The ‘Mandy Gets Fixed’ series was remarkable in particular because it’s a bimbofication tale. I expected a lot of woke, angry feminist criticism on the premise. It never happened. Maybe because at the core it’s a sweet story of a husband and wife trying to find the best way to be there for each other. Anyway, I suppose the message is clear: I should write more fiction.

Fiction – Mandy Gets Fixed – Part 1

In conclusion

2020 was a shitty year overall, but it went well for In general, the public enjoyed my posts about alternative social media, the topic of domestic discipline and the fiction I have written, both about bimbofication and about other subjects. It’s good that I took the time to look back at my most popular posts and not just rely on my assumptions.
Next year I will continue to write about alternative social media and domestic discipline, as I don’t see either of them disappearing from my life any time soon. I hope to write more fiction, but more about that someday soon…


  1. It’s wonderful to see which posts were your best visited, and it’s always good to know that and to share more of the same. I love looking back at the end of the year to see what worked and what not 🙂
    Happy New Year, Liz <3
    ~ Marie xox

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