Picture of a dragon flying above a castle, artist unknown

Copyright LizBlackX
Poster in my room, artist unknown, bit wobbly
because of the open window and, of course, previous cat attacks 😉

Sometimes I see a prompt, and I’m sure that I want to join. ‘Dragons’ was such prompt. I only need to look around me here to see my fascination with them. The thing is, it’s hard for me to explain why I like them so much. It was a conscious decision to focus on this mythical creature when selecting posters and statuettes in my room, though the reason was more practical than anything else. So let’s begin with that one.

One Poster

Several years ago, I received a poster with a dragon on it from my sister in law. We share a love of fantasy, and it was a great choice. This poster is in my writing room above my computer. I love the image because it breathes fantasy. While staring at the depiction, it’s easy to drift away into dreams of other worlds. There is no time, no descriptions of anything realistic, only a fantasy realm. Especially for my works of fiction, this is important to me.
I dislike reality with all its grime and rules. Nearly all my stories take place in a world that though it might resemble the real one, it never really is.

Focus: Dragons

So that was the beginning. The second poster I put up in my room was a work by Anne Stokes, also with a dragon. And since then I’ve accepted it as a theme.
When you visit lots of fantasy fairs as I did in the past, it’s very enticing to buy all the cute little statuettes. There are thousands of cute elves out there. So I set myself a rule: only dragons. That helped me a lot. Over the years I’ve bought few statues and stuffed animals, so it didn’t clog up my house with pretty, but useless items.

Why Dragons?

To me, dragons are intriguing. They’re the epitome of fantasy. They’re obviously not real, but there’s something about them. They’re not inherently evil. Dragons are more misunderstood loners. They hoard and protect gold and treasure, but to what purpose? There are male and female dragons out there, so why aren’t they starting happy little families?
I like their solitude and defensiveness. I think that’s what attracts me to this mythical creature. They’re not evil, mainly misunderstood and sad.

Dragons Slain

I’ve slain many dragons in my life, both metaphorically and in computer games. In the instance ‘Draigoch’ in Lord of the Rings Online, you need to slay this giant dragon. And coincidentally, this instance is famously bugged and near impossible to complete successfully.
So what dragons have I slain in real life? Well, I’m here for one thing. I’ve overcome abuse in many ways and, while still struggling, I’m here. I survived.
I’ve managed to leave working in retail, which was massive for me.
Living with a mind such as mine isn’t easy, but I’m learning tricks and ruses to overcome hurdles.

Not All-mighty

Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to dragons. I can identify with them on many levels. Having a thick hide, being solitaire, not easily approachable while also being secretive and mysterious.
But in the world of video games, I like fighting them, which could be seen as a fight with myself. Dragons, though imposing and impressive, too can be slain. Underneath that thick shield, they’re still vulnerable. And that is where I identify with them most.

One of my favourite songs is about…a dragon ?


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