Picture by Ben Mack via Pexels
Picture by Ben Mack via Pexels

To continue with last week’s topic of comments, I received one a couple of weeks ago about Boyz II Men, saying they always have the best harmonies.
And it’s true. I love their music for this reason, just like I enjoy Shai and the Backstreet Boys.

Harmonious Life

It’s a bit weird to say, but I like harmony in life too. The life my husband and I lead is quite harmonious. We have few fights or disagreements, and if we do, we settle it quickly. We both despise drama. A lot of our energy is similar, though not equal. I have a quieter, calmer energy. My cats love to be close to me all the time. I can be emotional too, and yes, also dramatic sometimes, but hey, I’ve all these hormones raging through me in a monthly cycle. You try keeping your cool in these circumstances 😝

Watching People

A favourite pastime of mine was pre-Covid, to sit in a Starbucks and observe other people. The newly in love ones, both young and old. Once in a while, you would see a group of friends whose energy together was utterly harmonious. It was like they vibed at the same frequency.
And there were job interviews with altogether nervous energy around them.

Perfect Harmony is Dull

The problem with living in complete harmony is: it’s pretty dull. You learn little from it. Yes, you have time to explore and delve deep into your interests, but often you lay back, do the same thing of your routine, and you’re satisfied. Voila. Why would you improve anything when you’re happy where you are today and likely tomorrow too?

Your brain and body are lazy and will see no need to make changes. They will deteriorate, however, even wither away at the most extreme.

Out Your Comfort Zone

It’s essential to get out of your comfort zone and gather new and different influences and experiences. Now, you shouldn’t look for inspiration from me. If there’s something I excel at, it’s keeping up with the status quo. To broaden our lives, we did go to a BDSM munch and even a rope event. The night of playing together in a sex club was a bridge too far.

And now, with the world in lockdown, even when rules are loosened, my world is small. It’s harmonious, yes, but small and boring. I can’t meet the friends I’ve made. There are no exciting play dates nearby. Even the festivals and concerts I love aren’t returning any time soon. All is in harmony, but God, I wish for a disruption.

More Fun and Excitement

I wish for a world post-Covid. I wish for more fun and excitement in my life. But after having lived a pretty tumultuous life, I know I gotta be careful what I wish for. I don’t want to lose what I’ve fought for to achieve either. Just a bit more ring to the harmony; that’d be nice—just a tiny bit more sunshine.

The best harmonies in a song: If I ever fall in love – Shai


  1. Like you and your husband, me and my husband barely ever have fights. We are in perfect harmony with each other, him being the calmer one. But you are also right, you don’t learn much from always having harmony… although at this moment, I prefer the peace and quiet, with all going on.
    ~ Marie xox

    1. I agree, Marie. Especially during times like this, and with the hardships in your life right now, harmony is the best you can hope for. We’ll save the adventures for some other day 😅


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