Always Pink

A small selection of my pink items, gathered over the years

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A small selection of my pink items, gathered over the years
I would have used a pink background, but my cat is sleeping on it πŸ˜‰

My favourite colour is pink. It has always been that way. Give me a set of products to choose from, and I will take pink. And if that’s not available, I’ll go for red or purple. There is no other way. Why do I stick with this, even as an adult?

Pink, pink, pink

From early childhood on, pink was always my favourite colour. My mother’s favourite was blue, and I grew to detest it. Many items and pieces of furniture in my room were blue. Most were second-hand, and I guess it was just convenient. I did get to choose my wallpaper which was heavily decorated with depictions of cartoon girls, all cute and pink. It was way too busy for the room, but I loved it.
Eleven years ago, when I left my previous boyfriend and went to live on my own again, I loved that I was once again able to buy pink household goods. I found a pink drying rack for the dishes, and it was my most prized possession. It felt so me.


I remember, while working in a supermarket, I was carrying around a small notebook with Disney Princesses on the cover. It was the perfect size for small notes. Coworkers and customers looked at me strangely for using such a frilly, girlish item, but I loved the tiny ray of sunshine is provided me in a dark and glum situation. The work wasn’t nice, the people were unfriendly, so please let me enjoy this teensy bit of happiness the booklet gave me.

Sweet and Kind

According to Empowered By Color, people who love pink are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. According to them, I’m a nurturer, and I’m maternal.
Yes, this is how I would like to see myself, how I would love to bear myself in the world. My life has tainted me, though. I want to see the good in everyone and believe they have the right intentions always, but I’ve been hurt too many times to still believe this.
The world is too dark for softies like I am at heart. Especially in the outside world, I need to hide this. People aren’t honest and prey on the weakest ones.

Only A Select Few

So yes, my room is pink, but only a few people get to enter and enjoy it.
It is because of this outside threat that I continue to buy everything cute and pink. I only need to turn on the news to see darkness and despair. So please, let me surround myself with unicorns and rainbows. My world is safe for me. My husband, my cats and some of my friends get to see my loving, nurturing side. The rest of the world has lost that right.

Can’t have a blog about pink, without P!nk πŸ˜€


    1. And this was all stuff lying around in my office and bathroom. Can you imagine what else is there ?
      Even now I’m looking around and seeing things I’d wanted to include but forgot ?
      I really enjoy Pink’s music, especially the older songs. I tried to find a song that was a bit darker than her party songs ☺️

  1. I totally understand that many people have lost the right to see your true nurturing side. The world can be such a cruel place, and hurt those that see the good in everyone more than others will ever know. Keep on enjoying your pink side, Liz, even if only a selected few may see it. We all deserve to be our true selves, even if we can’t be it all the time.
    ~ Marie

    1. When I wrote it, I was thinking of you and how you like to see the good in people too. It’s so sad that we need to hide our innate sweetness in order to survive in this world.

      I remember a time in Amsterdam Central Station where I gave a man money so he could buy a train ticket. Yeah, looking back, I doubt he used it for ticket money. That’s how naive I was, but also how generous and helpful I am at my core. It’s too bad insincere people have ruined it for me.


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