Tell Me About Sex Toys

From left to right: hemp rope, Paddle with Holes, a leather belt, the Base – wand vibrator from and a blindfold.

At the age of eighteen, I received my first sex toy, a rabbit vibrator. I had no idea how much that was going to change my life. In the years after, I gathered a couple of other toys too. This was in the early 2000s, so it wasn’t that easy to come by. I mainly ordered them from a catalogue.
Nearly ten years ago, I saw an advertisement for a sex toy reviewer. I knew that was something I would love to do, so I wrote a review for a toy we owned and got the job. Not a paying job, mind you, but I got to keep the toys I tested, so I was happy enough.
In 2018 I decided to build upon this hobby of mine, so I started my review website and a blog. And here we are today.
How has this impacted our sex life? Do we use any of these toys in our day-to-day life, except for testing purposes? Would I want to live without these toys? Could I?

Three Categories

We own three categories of sex toys: vibrators for a female, masturbators for a male and BDSM equipment.
The vibrator category I use primarily while masturbating, but we also use it together. For instance, during a spanking, my husband loves holding a vibrator against my clit so that it’s easier for me to deal with the pain. We own a couple of electro toys, and those can be used both for pleasure and pain. I also have a vibrator that can be used for Kegel exercises. I always forget to use it, but playing ‘Flappy Bird’ with your vagina is pretty funny.

Male Sex Toys

At one point, my husband was almost jealous of my collection of toys and lamented that there weren’t any such toys for men. I wrote to with this question, and they were kind enough to send us our first masturbator. Since then, we have received several others, so he can’t really complain about that anymore. He was happy to try them, but for him, the biggest hit was the sex dolls I received. The dolls can’t compare to any sleeve or pocket pussy. Holding a set of hips does weird things with your monkey brain (lizard brain, he says), and it triggers the urge to procreate. Still, my husband often tells me later in the day that he had a date with Britney in the morning. This is a convenient solution for us since I detest having sex in the morning, and Britney is never one to complain πŸ˜‰


When we show our collection of sex toys to friends, they are often impressed by how many items we have. We received cuffs, a metal spreader bar, BDSM mittens, light whips, and much other stuff, most of which we wouldn’t have bought ourselves.

Sex Toys Always

So can I go without any sex toys? No. I’ll always have some toys. I don’t need the quantity I have right now. I don’t need the most expensive ones either. For years I’ve been completely happy with using two toys which each cost around ten Euros. I could go back to that. The same goes for our BDSM play. The cane we use most also only cost around ten Euros. Rope is only as expensive as you make it.


I’m happy with the sex toys I own. Whenever I receive something new, I get excited. It’s a fun gift, and they have brought me lots of happiness. It’s convenient in our relationship, but in all honesty, we could have done without it. Our bond is strong enough to have found different solutions for our play. If I were never to receive another sex toy to review again, I would be sad, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I have enough vibrators to last me a couple of years, at least. If all else fails, I’ll return to using my hand. It’s been a while, but surely that will still work too πŸ˜‰



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