Shirtless bodybuilder with purple skin. Picture from - edited by Liz BlackX
Picture from – Edited by Liz BlackX

Brapax needs more lovers, Enania’s friend wants to try BDSM, now Enania is tasked to help them both

Brapax tried to adjust to his new planet and their customs. During his first visit he was nearly successful. Much to his surprise, his human shows him ‘BDSM.’ Together they discover the benefits. Brapax takes on the challenge and discovers primal sex. Brapax invites his brother Brayhr to join in on the fun. BDSM is still forbidden on planet Earth, so when they find out Enania is convicted, this includes Brapax and all his family members. Brapax’s half-brother Bralar shows up. He’s not amused at the restrictions he now suffers, but together with Brayhr they have fun together. Bralar is intent on getting revenge on the human girl and enlists help of his alien lover Quorta. Together with Brapax, Enania manages to settle the scores with the aliens who had assaulted her.

“Thank you again, Paxy, for your help.” Even though it had already been three days since the payback fight between Brapax, Bralar and Quorta, Enania was still grateful. She had rested the last few days and made sure her vagina was clean from the biting fluid she had hidden inside to hurt Bralar. The concoction only damaged the Aicahn. It was mildly irritant to her, but nothing she couldn’t handle. She guessed she was nearly ready for sex with Brapax again.

“Of course. Aicahn promise,” Brapax replied.

“Pax, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes.” Brapax’s reply was curt.

“I wondered if you would want to show my friend BDSM, like what we do together.”

“Friend? You never talk, friend.” Brapax replied.

“We don’t talk that often, but when she did contact me, and I told her about why I couldn’t come over to her place, she was intrigued with what I explained.”

Subconsciously, Brapax’s hand had slipped to his groin. “More people is good. She human?”

“Yes, she’s human, like me. But Brapax, I don’t want you to fuck her. Our sex is special, and you are mine, after all.” Enania placed her hand on his chest to stress her words.

Brapax rose, his eyes flaring with anger. “You are mine, yes. I am Aicahn.”

Enania flinched back. “But I thought….”

“One only is stupid human rule. Aicahn, not one woman.” He pulled down his pants and revealed his double penises. “Need more.”

“But Brapax, I never knew. I thought we were happy.”

Enania felt like she had been punched in the chest with this revelation.

He approached her with his genitals still out, dangling them near her face. “You good. I happy. More women happier.” He stroked his top penis over her cheek.

Enania shook her head. “No, Brapax, not now. I need to think about this. I’ll message my friend and see what she says.” Enania walked off to the kitchen. She needed to put some distance between herself and her alien lover. It wasn’t often that she denied him sex, but it just didn’t feel like the right time after this announcement.

Sharing Brapax with other women, now what was she going to do with that? She had guessed he had a wild streak but hoped it wouldn’t surface when she satisfied all these needs. Could she handle it?

Later that evening, Enania’s doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” she shouted to Brapax.

Enania saw it was her friend Yrgu. Even though she could guess how the evening would end, she wanted to give it a try anyhow. Her friend had been adamant about wanting to try BDSM. Enania had warned her of the house arrest she and Brapax’s family was now dealing with, but she had waved it away. She would deal with that when it happened. With Brapax’s wish to have more sexual partners, Enania figured it’d be best if she made both these wishes come true. At least now, she was in the know and would be present.

She hugged Yrgu when her friend entered her hallway. “Hey, it’s been too long.”

“Oh, I know; I hope you’re well,” the dark-haired woman asked and made her way into the living room, looking from left to right. “So, where is this mystery alien of yours?”

“Brapax is in the bedroom, setting things up for tonight.”

“How thoughtful. How did you guys even meet?”

Enania smiled. “Well, you know I’ve always been intrigued by the Aicahn and knowing what their standard greeting is, I figured I would extrapolate on that. And my Brapax was more than willing.”

“I can’t wait. Shall we go?”

“You don’t want a drink or sit down for a moment?” Enania asked.

“Nah, I’ve waited long enough. I want to know what it’s all about.” Yrgu made her way to the bedroom.

Enania was taken aback but followed her friend anyway.

Before she reached the bedroom, Enania heard a wild roaring and tumbling from where she was headed. She quickly opened the door and was shocked by what she saw.

Brapax held Yrgu in a chokehold, both of them in a frenzy.

“Brapax, no, what are you doing?” Enania exclaimed.

He growled. “She is ‘Yr,’ is enemy.”

“What? No, let her go. She’s human.” Enania grasped at his arm, but he would not budge.

“I smell no human, is Yr.”

“Am half-Yr. My father is,” Yrgu managed to squeak.

“Brapax, let her go. She’s my friend.”

“She wanted BDSM, I give BDSM.” He emitted another roar and tied her with the rope he had prepared on the wall. He pulled the rope through the ring and wrapped it around her wrists. Yrgu twisted and tried to get away but couldn’t. Brapax pulled down her pants and exposed her ass.

“Brapax, no, don’t!” Enania tried to prevent him from picking up the whip, but Brapax slapped her hard in the face.

“She enemy, she bad. I teach lesson.”

Enania staggered back from the blow and could only watch as Brapax hit her friend. The girl on the wall shrieked and whimpered, but that didn’t hinder her opponent.

On the contrary, even. He turned around and yelled to Enania: “Strip!”

Enania was too shocked to protest, and before she realised what was happening, she was naked under Brapax’s body, who fucked her with a ferocity she had never felt before. She felt uncomfortable with her friend so close by but was overwhelmed by Brapax’s assault. He fucked her deep with his top penis as Enania was on her back.

“Pax, calm, please,” she pleaded, but he didn’t hear her.

He swapped his top penis for his lower one while pounding her pussy. He groaned hard as his most sensitive nerves were stimulated. Enania wrapped her legs around him and moaned in response. No matter the circumstances, this was hot. She did not often see this much passion from her alien lover.

Brapax pulled out, placed both penises to her pussy and ass and thrust them into her in one go. Enania’s back arched as she was filled with his purple cocks.

The world around her disappeared and only consisted of this wild alien pounding her hard and deep.

His hands folded around her throat, and with a faraway look in his eyes, he applied pressure. Just before Enania lost consciousness, her pussy and ass were filled with hot cum.

She came to wrapped in Brapax’s arms. It took her only a moment to realise what had just happened.

“Brapax, let me go. I need to help my friend,” Enania said. Yrgu was still tied to the wall and desperately trying to get herself loose.

Brapax sighed. “We hug-cuddle.”

“Maybe later, Brapax. Now is not the time.”

With a light growl, he released her from his grip, and Enania got up and made her way over to her friend. It wasn’t easy, but she did manage to undo the bindings. Her friend rubbed her sore wrists and then her afflicted ass.

“This was no fun, Enania. Thanks for luring me here.”

Yrgu walked out of the room. Enania quickly followed her.

“Yrgu, I had no idea. I didn’t even know you were ‘Yr’ or Brapax would do this.”

“I’m not buying it. You were just out to get a hot fuck, and you used me as a lure. Go to hell, bitch.” Yrgu left the apartment and closed the door with a bang.

Enania sank to the floor and let her head rest in her hands. What a freaking mess this was. She angrily wiped a streak of purple cum from her thigh. She had wanted to help her friend and help satisfy her lover, and what had it amounted to? Well, Brapax was probably satisfied. But she had lost a friend, of which she didn’t have many. The sex had been hot, but Enania hadn’t enjoyed it with her friend so close by. She sighed. Alien lovers were risky business.


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